Color Profile Display Problem


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Sep 8, 2006
Hi new here and new to owning a Macbook with OS X.

I ran into this problem with the color display after hooking up an external mini-dvi to VGA adapter which was attached to a Dell monitor CRT.

Ever since then, my computer will boot up with a distorted color scheme, almost a bleaching effect on the windows. I have tried to find it through searching and found a lot of problems with people using the Fast User Switch for accounts. This computer has only one admin account and is just for personal use.

The only way i have found to fully correct the problem is through plugging the mini-dvi back in and it seems to resync the screen. I tried to take a full screenshot but the picture turned out with normal color scheme and resolution. I have tried multiple resolutions and colors (256 colors is the most legible and doesn't bleach the screen). The color profiles (Adobe, Color LCD, etc...) have been replaced with only Color LCD and Color LCD Calibrated.

Does anyone have any ideas where I could begin to start looking for the problem.

I have attached camera shots of the screen to illustrate my predicament. For refernce, I set the background image under Apple/Aqua Blue.

Edit: I have also tried to reset the parameters on boot using the Control + Option PR method.

Macbook White 2.0ghz 512mb OsX 10.4 up to date any more information you need, please ask. Thanks



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May 2, 2002
Under System Preferences > Displays > Color can you choose (or create by clicking Calibrate) a better profile?


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Jun 28, 2006
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Alright... this may sound dumb, but you may want to try it...

On my Dad's iMac, he was having a very simlar effect on his screen. I tried calibration, replacing with a new profile.. etc. Poking around, I figured out what it was. Somehow.. someway, when he reboots. UNIVERSAL ACCESS settings get changed to increase the contrast... producing an effect very simlar to what you are showing in your photos.

I think this is a setting for people with vision problems??? Not sure how it happened, but putting the setting back to normal fixed everything.

Worth a try...


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Sep 8, 2006
Ceabiscuit, you are brilliant man, thanks so much, that did the trick.

I honestly don't know how that got changed but I appreciate all the help.



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Nov 20, 2007
Colour changed, too bright now.

Thanks CEAbiscuit, that did it for me too!

I have spent the last 2 hours messing about with Color Sync Utility, ICC files, Photoshop's Color Profiles and reading a number of forums trying to find the reason why the colours just suddenly changed system-wide.

I guess I must've inadvertently used the key combination Ctrl+Option+Command + . which increases the display contrast if you have Universal Access enabled (some applications like TextExpander require it).

Thanks again CEAbiscuit!