Color Shift on 6S Camera???

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by iBighouse, Oct 3, 2015.

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    Mar 11, 2012
    Today, while waiting for something at my local hardware store, I snapped some pictures of some large dahlias. Everything on the screen looked great as I was taking the pictures and what I saw on my screen matched the actual flower that the camera was pointed at. Until, that is, when I went to take a picture of a dark red dahlia surrounded in dark green foliage. I couldn't believe how grossly off the orange-red color on the iPhone screen was compared to the dark blood red color of the dahlia in front of the camera. I even played with the exposure on the screen, but that still resulted in a color of red that was nowhere near the color of the actual flower.

    Anyone else see problems with their cameras being way off in accurate color rendition?
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    Sep 16, 2015
    Not sure about the Camera sensor itself, but from past experience with hardware, some LCD panel types in phones and tablets come from LG. I am not sure if LG fixed their bug in their panels or not for mobile devices but anything with red displayed on an LG IPS LCD PANEL (older ones for sure), is actually kind of like an orange'ish red.

    When people buy TV's or PC monitors, we play the panel lottery game. LG calibrates there reds to look orange'ish or more washed out and bland on the red channel. Samsung or other manufacturers use a bright VIVID RED that is almost like too RED.

    Before thinking its a camera sensor problem or photo software, go to this site:

    Or go to this Site:

    On your phone or mobile device go to the contrast sub section of site and look at color chart, compare the RED to another device on the same site and page. Red should look red and be vivid, vibrant and look dead red. If it appears not to be vivid, vibrant and washed out then it could appear more orange and means that Apple might of used LG panels in the phones which would cause reds to look orange even if you took a picture of something RED!

    If that is not the problem, then it could be a bad camera sensor as it should be calibrated too. Although photos depend on the software that takes them and white balance settings and how it processes live images while being taken. If lighting was bad then things wont appear right.

    Lots of things at play here for photos to look just like in real life to the naked eye.


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