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    Hey Guys,

    I'm the developer of Coloroids a retro style arcade shooter based on the classic Asteroids gameplay (sound familiar!?). But what differentiates Coloroids from other Asteroids clones is that adds a puzzle element to the gameplay. In Coloroids asteroids are assigned a color and the player must match their own bullet color to that of the asteroid. Hitting an asteroid with the wrong color bullet spawns more asteroids. It's a simple concept that provides some insanely addictive gameplay! And of course there's all the old gameplay traits, enemy ships, splitting asteroids and 8 bit sound effects too!

    If it sounds like your thing then you can grab it for free at...
    iTunes Store Link

    Or you can find more info at the official homepage...
    Coloroids Website

    As I say, I'm the sole developer for the project and would love to hear any feedback or suggested improvements - or even better, what you enjoyed about the game!

    Have Fun! :)
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