ColorSync Question... Matching FCP colors with QT and DVD

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Benjamindaines, Dec 21, 2007.

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    I am using FCP 5. I edit mostly for web download and occasionally to be put on DVD. Basically I use the color corrector to make the colors in the preview window the way I want them, as I do not have a broadcast monitor. But when exporting to H.264 and played back in quicktime the colors always look washed out and too light. This happens both when not using the FCP ColorSync filter and when using it (using Generic sRGB). Here are some screen captures, as you can see FCP shows the colors much darker (the way I want them).


    What is the best way to get the two colors to match? I need the Quicktime colors to look the same on all computers (Windows or Mac, Calibrated Screen or not) or at least as close as humanly possible. I understand that each codec has a different gamma, but there has to be a way to do this. Also how should I do this for DVDs to be played back on TVs (again without a broadcast monitor)?

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    Not sure how to help you, but I thought I'd let you know I experience the same issue with each export. Never figured out how to correct it, but would love to know if someone else knows the solution.
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    Try clicking the 'Enable Final Cut Studio colour compatability' at the bottom of the QT prefs window and check the 'Accurate gamma' option in FCP under /System Settings/Playback control.

    As for matching the DVDs, do you have the ability to drag a TV next to your computer and use a camera as the go between? If not, your best bet is to make a DVD w/some short test clips on it and see which settings look better on the TVs in your house.


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