Combine iTunes Libraries and Retain Music Licenses

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    I have a friend who plans to put an HP Mediasmart server in his house to automatically backup his MacBook and PowerBook as well as centralize his pictures and songs. He currently has the two notebooks mentioned above, 2 iPhones, and 4 or 5 iPods.

    Once all of the local libraries are emptied out onto the server I'm a little stuck for what to do. I know iTunes 9.0 will stream music to all of the devices in the house. But when he leaves the house with one of his devices he's got to take the music or pictures with him.

    This presents me with a few concerns:

    1. Is there a way to reset the license on each song downloaded from iTunes - kinda starting fresh - so that he can sync his music with any one of his devices without getting an error about the file not being licensed to use on a particular device?
    2. Building off the question above - is there a way to legitimately remove the license restriction so he (and his family) can all have the same copy of a song on their personal device without having to fuss with the license restriction?
    3. When they are going on vacation (for example) and they want to take music and pictures with them on one of the notebooks how do they do it?
    4. On that same vacation when they take a bunch of pictures and download music while they're out how do they get the music or pictures off the notebook and onto the server where the master library is going to be?
    5. Should iTunes and iPhoto be "pointed" to a "Photos" or "Music" folder on the server, is that the best way to centralize all of the music and photos?

    Sorry about all the questions. His needs are a little outside my comfort zone and I don't want to mislead him. Thanks for your time.

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