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    I have a balance in my account in iTunes. I also have a few unused iTunes gift cards. Can I redeem those cards into my account, then use the balance in that iTunes account to purchase a new iTunes gift card? I was thinking this might be a way for me to combine the iTunes gift cards into one that I can give someone as a gift!
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    Try calling Apple.
    I dont think you can buy a gift card with iTunes credit in your account.
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    I don't believe you can. It would be the same as purchasing a gift card with a gift card, which Apple doesn't allow. You can contact Apple's Gift card/iTunes specialist with that that question to confirm.
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    What is more infuriating is that if you have credit in your account you cannot use it to buy a gift for someone. I.e I do not like to store my cc info online, so I buy iTunes gift cards and add them to my account. If I wanted to give someone an album or app as a gift it wants me to add a credit card to iTunes and charges my credit card instead of using my iTunes credit value.

    I understand not buying a new gift card for someone with iTunes credit, but I should be able to pay for an item that can be purchased in iTunes or AppStore with the credits on my account.
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    Yes u can, but as long it's in the same country. Apple will use iTunes Store credit first..:

    Redeem Gift Cards:-
    How iTunes Store Purchases are billed:-
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    Gift Cards/iTunes Terms of Service: (

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