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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by HomeingPigeon, Jan 21, 2008.

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    I am trying to combine 2 pictures of the same thing into one. I am using a tripod and a timer. My problem is that when I go to combine the pictures on my Nikon D40 whatever is different in the 2 photos (me in 2 different spots in my living room) come out alot lighter and not transparent than the rest of the photo. I have photoshop elements but i dont know how to combine pictures in that. I know that some of you know how to do it since you post in the HDR thread and i was wondering what your tricks and tips are that you follow.

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    You cannot do it with elements. You need CS2 or higher. Photomatix is cheaper. You might look into trying to get a hold of it.
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    Why not just shoot a multiple exposure right in the camera? I think the D40 has that capability.... Look in the menu, it should be listed there somewhere. What you do is set it in the menu for however many exposures you want -- say, two -- and then take the first exposure. Set the camera up for the second exposure and reposition yourself, set the timer for the second shot and it will superimpose itself over the first one, with the correct balance of exposure and everything. Pretty neat!
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    Why not in Elements? Elements has layers and masks and that should be all that s needed. But each photo into it's own layer and a mask is used to determine which part of each photo shows in the final result

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