Comfort of Apple Bands for All-Day Use? (Specifically Milanese)

Discussion in 'Apple Watch Accessories' started by MICHAELSD, May 27, 2015.

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    Jul 13, 2008
    Thankfully I find the Sport band very comfortable to wear. If I don't pay attention to the Watch it seems to fade away. Very light altogether. When I tested the bands at the store I found all cozy except the link bracelet. The Sport would be great to wear while lounging around the house but I don't find it too hygienic to use a band at the gym and during workouts then keeping it on my wrist the rest of the day. Since I was going to purchase an additional band anyway since the Sport won't cut it out for going out, I figure I can wear the higher-end band for the majority of the day and save the Sport for the gym. For all-day wear, are the Milanese and the Leather Loop as comfortable as or more so than the Sport? I would assume the leather loop is, although I will likely end up with the Milanese unless a third-party hurries up with a higher-quality band for less.
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    I was on the same boat as you. I have the Milanese and the Sport. The Milanese is VERY comfortable throughout the day, but I would not recommend it to workout because the band expands as you run/lift/et cetera. It actually just happened to me a few minutes ago & it irritated me to the point of swapping bands. Aside from that, it is a great and stylish band; it complements most outfits well.

    The thing about this dang watch and its easily exchangeable bands is how addictive they are. I want the Leather Loop now. I haven't read much good about it here on the forum, but I have my eye on that blue one.

    (SS, 42mm, by the way.)

    Hope I helped! :)
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    Milanese was very comfortable at the store, so glad to hear it's working well for you!

    I would love to own the Milanese and Leather Loop but I'm not prepared to spend $300+ on accessories for this first-gen Watch. $149 for the Milanese is a consideration since I can buy five third-party bands for that price, and those are getting progressively better.

    Definitely helped though! I decided to purchase the Milanese once it's in-stock if no more appealing third-party bands come out in the meantime. :cool:
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    Jul 8, 2010
    I currently only have the Milanese Loop and I have to say it is VERY comfortable.

    The thing is... over the years I tried wearing watches... but I simply could never stick to it. Why? First of just telling time/date was not a compelling enough reason for me to wear a watch. Second of... and more importantly... I hated almost all of the watchbands.

    Basically ALL watchbands have their closing mechanisms on the bottom of your wrist. If you have a desk job that is what your hand is resting on all day long. With a protruding buckle or clasp I was getting uncomfortable within minutes.

    Depending on your wrist-size this problem does NOT exist with the Milanese Loop. My wrists are about 170mm, the Milanese Loop goes back across to about a ¾ position, so that the clasp is never UNDER my wrist.

    This is what makes this band perfect imo... as for me it is relatively thin and completely flat on the underside!

    If you have slightly larger wrists at around 185mm or something... that may be a different story though.

    I agree... for sports it may not be ideal as it will become a bit loose over time.
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    May 13, 2004
    Agree with ML being very comfortable. I find that, because it's so flexible, it can fit to the wrist much more than other bands. Plus, because it's magnetic and pulls through the loop, you can basically make micro adjustments to have it as tight or loose as you like.

    Comparatively, the Sport bands have notches at specific intervals which can mean it feels too tight or too loose depending on wrist size. I'm getting a black sport band for sport/casual wear but otherwise keeping the Milanese on as I think it looks and feels great.

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