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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by JD08DMAX, Aug 18, 2015.

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    Jul 27, 2009
    Well the long horrible journey that was android land is over for me... Thanks goodness. The S6 edge looks good, but lags all over the place and is riddled with bloat! We are an iPhone/Apple family so the decision to go with the new iPhone forever plan was easy for us. Sprint have great coverage where we live and in Columbus and Cincinnati. The four of us get new iPhones shipped today and then we can upgrade as soon as the 6s - 6s plus come out still at the base 15.00 fee. (for 16gb 64 is like 19.00 and so on.
    Sprint pays off all our phones that are on att next (including my horrible s6 edge)
    This new plan also does not charge line access fees IE the 15.00 fee for each additional line is waived as long as you keep the current plan!
    Bill as follows:
    unl talk and text Free
    40 GB shared data 120.00
    iPhone 6 15
    iPhone 6+ 19
    iPhone 6+ 19
    iPhone 6+ 19
    so 192 before tax!
    Not too shabby.

    We always want to upgrade anyway so this should work well for us.

    Sprint commercial over.. lol just wanted to share in case anyone is interested.
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    Aug 31, 2011
    ten-zero-eleven-zero-zero by zero-two

    I walked into Sprint about three months ago and told them I wanted to be on a cheaper family plan (I was coming from an old Everything Data 1500 plan) and I wanted to keep my unlimited data. Two lines, $100, each additional line $40, unlimited talk/text/data. So, $100 plus our lease of $65 (2-128GB iPhones (6 and 6+) and $26 in TEP comes out to $191 before taxes.

    We've been with Sprint since 1999. The funny thing is they screwed up this time and gave me a fully unlocked iPhone 6+.
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    Apr 28, 2006
    My last long-time carrier was Verizon. My fiance was a flight attendant and since there wasn't a lot of wifi calling at the time so we opted for the generally great Verizon coverage and data at our house was okay with them. When we needed new phones, but were unsure of what to get, we decided to sit tight with Verizon and do pre-paid for a short time. Wow, I was totally unprepared for the way Verizon treats pre-paid customers. Second class would have been nice but Verizon apparently that is too good. Getting through to customer service was absolutely terrible and what happened when we were ready to upgrade is what put me over the edge. Verizon knows the number you are calling from so in their pursuit of terrible treatment of pre-paid accounts it was near impossible to speak with a real person to hash out some account issues even though we were planning on buying two 6 pluses.

    The next day I purchased an unlocked iPhone 6+ and a T-Mo plan but was soon disappointed after finding out their coverage map wasn't even close and the plan Apple set me up with was simply another pre-pay steaming pile from which I had no way of obtaining a refund. Only $50 but the amount isn't what upset me because the T-MO corporate store I went to for help was staffed by an epic DB who really has no business working in retail.

    Next stop was Sprint. I heard they had enhanced their voice and data capabilities quite a lot so after confirming I could get a refund things didn't work out I decided to give them a go. What a breath of fresh air! I get decent LTE most of the time and the plan I opted for is geared towards the iPhone...unlimited everything for $50/mo which is also unlimited high speed data; not a capped unlimited like so many plans out there. The local Sprint store is staffed with some very knowledgeable people who were able to get me up and running when we ran into some porting snafus.

    So after trying a 3rd carrier in a 30 day span I was finally satisfied with one and it was Sprint.
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    A Natural State
    I wish I could go to Sprint. They're so hard up for customers that they'd probably let me fly the corporate jet around Overland Park, KS for an aerial tour of their campus if I agreed to leave VZW. Unfortunately, Sprint's coverage sucks so badly that I'll probably never get to negotiate. Oh well.

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