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    Dec 2, 2010
    So I'm used to getting and doing stuff on my BB that I can't seem to find in the "default" settings on my iphone.

    My wife still uses a BB and she sends me appointments using my email address. I get the mail message and the ICS attachment. How can I open that attachment and add it to my native calendar in the iphone.

    Lastly, how can I get my contacts off my gmail account into my Iphone.

    Anyone have any ideas, is there software out there that will do the job or better - paid or jb.
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    Jun 24, 2010
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    Meeting attachments can't be accepted from within the phone, unless you get an app like calendar happy or you are using an exchange server.

    Adding your contacts to the phone can be done through iTunes on your base computer.
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    Mar 3, 2008
    Mobile Me syncs contacts and calendar wirelessly but it costs about $99 a year. You can export from google contacts and import to Mobile Me (through the web site or into Address if you are on a Mac). Another plus you get with Mobile Me is push email on iPhone. This is something I really appreciated when I came to iPhone from Blackberry this past September.

    As a Mac user, I was already using iCal and Address for my calendar and contacts data, even when I had a Blackberry. I have used MobileMe for years so I've already gotten used to having my contacts and calender automagically reconciled across my iPod touch, iPad and Mac. When I picked up my iPhone 4, about 15 minutes after porting my number to At&t from Verizon, my contacts and calendar were already on my iPhone... Before I even got in my car after leaving the Apple store!

    One thing I do miss from BB is having meetings automatically show up in my calendar after I read the email inviting me to the meeting. I assume this is because there were ics attachments that BB OS processed for me in the background. iOS 4 has brought a lot of advances like a unified inbox and multitasking. If this is important to you, call Apple support and ask about it.

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