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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by DougFNJ, Jan 12, 2011.

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    Jan 22, 2008
    For Christmas, I had received a $200 Gift Card to Best Buy. I like these ideas as I could make a purchase I probably wouldn't make if I didn't have the easy cash to throw around :p

    I kept seeing those eerie Kevin Bacon commercials talking about an interesting concept with internet and HD TV. I looked into the few choices available and narrowed it to Apple TV2 and Google TV. I seriously considered the Sony Blu Ray with Google TV, but the $400 was just too much even though it would ultimately only cost me $200. Logitech was on sale for $250, so I went for it. The thing that had pushed me in that direction was the web browsing on TV, and the searching.

    So we were watching the Football game a week into having it, every 2 to 3 minutes the screen would blank for a second and resume. Tried different stations and it was across the board. Disconnected the Logitech, and no problem :confused: So I returned to Best Buy and swapped it out. Everything worked well for a week, then we were watching "The Cape" Sunday night, and I had the complete reverse problem, connection was gone for 2-3 minutes with a second of connection :rolleyes: I figured I would switch it to the Sony with Blu Ray, but I still just could not justify spending $400 on it, I wanted to, but it just was not going to happen. I also figured the only thing we were using the device for was for Netflix, youtube, and buying "Walking Dead" from Amazon Marketplace. I didn't use the internet nearly as much as I thought I would as I have my Droid X and iPad handy most of the time anyway, and the Picture in Picture during browsing wasnt that pleasant an experience,

    So having looked into the Apple TV originally comparing it to the Google TV, I felt it would probably be best not to have to have the device I was looking for be a hub in between the TV and Cable box. Not only that, but now with it costing much less than it's Google TV competitors, it allowed me to perform a needed upgrade on my network from Wireless G to Dual Band Wireless N, I am guessing the older router may had possibly caused those Google TV connection problems :eek: Didn't matter, I ultimately got what I want.

    Last night I had the opportunity to play with it a little more than the first night. Airplay was INCREDIBLE! :D I knew it would stream my iTunes on my computer to the TV, but I used it to stream a couple videos from my iPod Touch to my TV, as well as my iPad to the TV and was extremely impressed...the video was such high quality. I am now seriously considering getting an Airport Express at some point to stream music to my bedroom stereo.

    Netflix did have a little issue at the very beginning of the show I streamed, it started with a long pause and only sound, then the video sped up real quick and caught up and I didn't have the problem again.

    I am hoping Apple sees the potential of this and eventually adds some apps including Safari. This is definitely what I was looking for though, and I feel it is SO worth the price.

    My only question is this. Apparently if I rent or purchase a movie through Apple TV, it is only available on Apple TV and cannot be used on the other devices as opposed to if I download it through iTunes through my PC, iPod, or iPad. Is this correct?

    If I download a video to iTunes on my PC, iPod, or iPad, can I stream it directly to the Apple TV without Airplay? In other words, if I go to iTunes through Apple TV and go to download a Video that I already downloaded to one of the other devices, would they look to charge me again?

    Hope this helps someone looking at both, and hope someone could answer my inquiries :)
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    Feb 23, 2010
    If you buy content through iTunes, you can make it available to the AppleTv through HomeSharing in iTunes. This is available under the "Computers" menu on the AppleTv. This will work from any devices that allow iTunes purchases, but won't be available to AppleTv until they are synced back into your library.

    I'm not sure how a RENTAL through another device would work, but in the best case, it would also have to be synced to your library before it would be available to AppleTV.

    Anything you get directly on the AppleTv through the "Movies" or "TV Shows" menus is a rental and is only available on the Apple TV - it does not get stored or synced to your library and so is not available on any of your other devices. So, if you try to access something from those menus, then yes, you are renting it again and you will be charged, even if you had previously rented or purchased it. But if you've purchased something and already have it in your library, then you can access it from the Computers menu once you have HomeSharing set up in iTunes.
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    Jun 21, 2007
    Colchester, UK.
    Rent the film on itunes and use airplay to rock it over to your tv. Silly to have to use a workaround still, but hopefully we'll get an update to add this functionality real soon.

    Saying that the last major update just took a huge amount of features away (atv 1 > atv 2) so you never know...
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    Jul 15, 2010
    The AppleTV needs some mayor improvements, I think they will come with time
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    NYY FaN

    Jun 22, 2009
    New York
    I don't think you can really compare the two devices.. they're meant to do different things. ATV is simply for renting movies, youtube and netflix. It does its purpose well and in a simple and easy to use manner. Google tv on the other hand brings the web to your tv, as well as watch netflix/youtube/rent movies. For my own purpose I prefer the google tv since it makes searching for tv content a lot easier than the crappy and sluggish cablevision channel guide I have had to use over the years. I hope that atv is given more features but I'm content with what it is meant to be.

    Also your problem with the google tv could be due to bad wiring, I havn't had any trouble with mine.
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    Jan 22, 2008
    Thanks for the feedback everyone, you confirmed what I thought. What I HOPED was like when I download something to the iPad, it automatically downloads to iTunes when I turn iTunes on, and this allows me to synch to the iPod. Unfortunately, not directly to the Apple TV. The workaround IS extremely handy though :D

    There is a pretty good comparison though NYY Fan. The 2 do pretty much the same things in different ways with different features. The biggest differences are the Google TV gets connected in between the TV and Cable Box allowing you to basically use the Keyboard as the remote if you choose. The Apple TV is a stand alone device like your DVD or Blu Ray Player, but basically allows you to stream the same exact content. If I type something in to the Google TV, it will give me info that is available on a channel currently playing, or pretty much defaults you to Youtube or Amazon the way Apple TV does. I am very interested to see what direction both go, we are on the foundations of something very new in regards to Google AND Apple.

    As far as the wiring, it was as basic as you got, HDMI from cable to the Google TV....2nd HDMI from Google TV to the Television. I know it wasnt my HDMI Cable because it works fine from Cable box to TV. I am a firm believer of options and competition as this creates better offerings to the consumer at better prices, so please don't mistake this for my device is better than yours. It's my device does what I am looking for it to do well and works for me :D I really am glad that Google TV does for you what you want it to do, I think my eyes were bigger than my stomach in terms of what I was looking for, Apple TV ended up being exactly what I did want.

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