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    Name of Application: Angry Phone

    Game Description:
    The Angry Phone and his clones are loose on the earth. One day a strange portal appeared and let loose the Angry Phones, it is up to you to help the Happy, Sad, and scared phones to keep the Angry Phones at bay. Angry Phone is a cunning state of the art phone and he and his clones can disguise themselves as a Happy phone so don't be fooled.

    Angry Phones is a "Whack a Mole" style game with lots of twists.

    * Win REAL prizes with our ticket system
    * Full orignal score
    * Excellent graphics by debug design
    * 3 Game modes - Freeplay
    Marathon Mode
    * Bonus adons - Such as SMS send a message to all Angry Phones to trick them into thinking the safe to stand up.
    * Full Help tutorial
    * High Scores
    * AppChogie Ticket Exchange Store;

    Welcome to AppChogie Ticket Exchange when you play any of our games displaying the AppChogie Ticket Exchange enabled logo you are play for arcade tickets. Tickets are given after each game and when you have enough go in to the store to exchange them for real games and apps from AppChogie.

    When you have chosen a prize exchange your tickets and a iTunes redeemable code will be displayed for that app, simply go into iTunes and enter the code to download the app for free.

    ***Disclaimer for AppChogie Ticket Exchange Store***

    The store in still in Beta stage and at present the redeem codes are only for the United States Of America iTunes Store. We will be rolling it out to other countries soon.

    If you exchange your tickets for a code and it appears to have been used please take a screenshot by pressing the power button and home button and email it to and a new one will be emailed back to you.

    AppChogie reserves the right to close or remove the store without prior notification.

    Future Price: 0.99$

    Video Demonstration:


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    Nov 15, 2008
    I thought you were referring to the big chorus of angry 3G S users who will start complaining very soon about their present contracts preventing them from upgrading to the new 4G phone that is about to surface.

    I wonder if ATT will crater again to this crowd when their "din" becomes very loud?

    Maybe someone should come out with an App about blowing away an IP service contract. And if you can get enough points, your present contract goes up in smoke (even though it doesn't).

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