Coming Soon!!! New iPad Games (By Permeative)

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    Aug 1, 2012
    Permeative is glad to announce the list of Upcoming Games that will be available on Appstore in the coming weeks.

    Bump In

    Bump In is a story about Webby and Moby, the two love birds, who are always looking out for each other. Bump In is an amazing game, filled with adventure and challenge. Webby finds a lot of obstacles on his way to meet his friend Moby and vice-versa. The aim is to help them to find their right path to meet each other, guide them to collect all red hearts and score some bonus points.



    The very popular game played on mobile devices is now available on iDevice. Since all are familiar with the game, lets keep it simple and straight. Serpent is a same old snake game with a twist. All you got to do is direct the snake towards the food and keep it going for a longer time. Since there are no obstacles make sure to stay in the game for a long time.


    Smart Car

    The aim is to highlight the area of the screen using Smart Car to reveal the background image. This can be done by drawing lines on the screen slicing it into small blocks. As the car moves, it will slice the screen into small blocks, the hidden background image starts to appear. The challenge here is to avoid coming in contact with the awful cars and other malicious enemies wandering on the screen.


    For more details about the games, refer this link – Permeative

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