Command and conquer 3, editing starting resources.

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by untitledghost, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. untitledghost macrumors newbie

    Apr 18, 2009
    This is my first post so sorry if I break any rules or anything.

    I am wondering how to edit the starting resources that you start out with in campaign, I'm under the impression that it would be under the file/folder for the level.

    P.S. I know next to nothing about programming/editing and the only stuff I have done is change the starting resources in home-world 2
  2. smacky! macrumors member

    Mar 14, 2008
    ooo... prolly should check out some mod forums like cnclabs and whatnot - lot of 'em out there.

    Usually, its a text file or xml file you have to change - there can be a lot of confusing code, and you can reall F* up your game install if you mess w/it and DK what ur doing ('course, u can always RI). You can change the files in the apple version, but you have to be able to knwo where to look to find the files to change (show app. package contents) - after that, i can't say - there aren't a ton of mods for CnC3 (or KW, for that matter), which kind of tells you something. Plus, w/RA3 hot on their heels, the mod comm. has started to focus more on RA3 (except for those awesome guys at SWR; ROTR is incredible and i can't wait for the new update coming in summer!)

    'Our' version of CnC3 is lackluster (at best), esp when compared to CnCG:ZH (no mods, no way of putting mods in - way to go EA). Putting in custom maps is easy enough (once you research it - again, EA dropped the ball on this), but after that, it's pretty much BO-rrring! And i played it A LOT when i first got it (bought it, to support Mac gaming, but that's the last EA title i 'bought' for Mac) - do it right, i'll buy it - cripple it because you don't want to put the resources in (because 'mac games don't sell as much', yeah yeah - heard it.) and you can almost guarantee we'll port it ourselves faster and better (Kane's Wrath 1.01 anyone???) Looks nice, but after awhile, w/out mods...

    same thing w/Kane's Wrath (altho the TBS feature was neat at first) - they've forgotten that the mod community is the best indicator of whether a game has 'legs' (or that it's a top-notch game like SC). I hope they get CnC Gens 2 right...

    anyway, good luck!

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