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    Jan 11, 2008
    Running 10.11.4 I have mysterious bugg in osx.

    From one to twelve hours afther rebooting there is a process that runns crazy and eating up all my memory.

    Tracked it to be CommCenter, seem to bee a system process

    This started to occur afthe uppgrading to 11.4, pretty annoyng that the OS puts upp a dialog "Out of memory, Quit some apps" and I see that the memory thats released from the app CommCenter eats it.

    The only solution I found is a reboot.

    Killing CommCenter don't help much (launcd restart it and it seem to inherrit the killed process crazy behaviour)

    Any one got a clue ?

    Reinstalled elcap a couple of times, but nogo


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    Try the following:

    1. Open Terminal.
    2. Enter the following:

      find "${HOME}/Library/"{Containers,Preferences,SyncedPreferences} -iname "*commcenter*" -exec mv "{}" "{}~disabled" \;
    3. Restart your Mac.

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