Commentary about the Bricking/Closed System fiasco from a developer (good read)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by radiantm3, Sep 29, 2007.

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    I find it crazy that people actually think Apple purposely wrote code to "brick" people's phones. I came across an interesting article on how software/hardware generally works and how it relates to the recent software update on the iPhone. A good read especially for the ignorant folks who normally don't read things and think they understand how things work.
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    Bravo, very very good article. Smart, and to the point. Here's an excerpt to show the level of discussion:
    Mm, hm. And honestly, I'm not an engineer, but this below ALSO reads like the basic scenario I've had running in my head. Some of the hackers have been engaging in "politics" by saying its anything different, and trying to BLAME Apple. Moreover, there is MONEY at stake, so they do NOT want to assume anything approaching "blame" or any notion of "this was the risk we took".
    There is a BIGGER picture to this than people realize. Definitely read this article. Personally, I'm going to save it to my hard drive, and submit it to Digg.


    ~ CB
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    That was interesting indeed... and without going there I would never have ended up just now rolling on the floor over the link to the Schrödinger's Cat gig referenced later in that page. The second video, the one with the kittens, had Spoon's Sister Jack for audio, I loved it.
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    very good read.

    The first thing that popped into my head was:

    I'm fairly well educated on tech and computers (I'm sure many know more and some know less).

    A lot of that stuff is way over my head.

    Makes me wonder how much of this entire issue is people making changes to their phone that they have absolutely no understanding of whatsoever.
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