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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Stonecoldcrb, Jan 28, 2008.

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    Jan 24, 2008

    So I have made a commitment to purchase an Apple Laptop. Prob gonna go with the MBP, I will wait to see any potential updates etc b4 I purchase one (and I plan on getting the best performer so please feel free to suggest a model). Having said that, I am very versed in WinXp and PC's in general so I want to learn the OS X and all that Apple's have to offer. Now while I do have a casual use for my new Apple (when I buy it), I still plan on gaming some on it. Mainly World of Warcraft and some others.

    My question is: I have heard that the OS X really doesnt do well with gaming. Is this true?

    I really dont see myself installing XP via bootcamp and playing via that as in my opinion I should just buy a PC laptop instead.

    Anyone care to weigh in here?. I want an Apple, I am dying to learn all about them and the OS, but I still want to enjoy some gaming. I hear pros and cons about how much better the OS X is over XP, but then I hear its terrrible with gaming.

    Thanks so much for the input.
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    It's not that it doesn't perform well with games, it's that there's a lot less available for the Mac (natively) than the PC.

    Also, a MacBook is going to have a tougher time with newer games than a MacBook Pro (integrated vs. non-integrated video card).
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    If you're looking to game at all on a Mac, get a MacBook Pro, and get the best video card available at the time, since that's one component you won't be able to upgrade (easily) in the future.

    If you're looking to play games at all, you'll definitely want to install Boot Camp and run XP (or whatever flavor OS you want). I think in the long run, you'll probably appreciate being able to boot into Windows for gaming and whatever else, and then boot into OS X for your everyday tasks. If you're running through Boot Camp, there's no difference between a MacBook Pro and any other Windows laptop (except that the MBP looks a heck of a lot nicer).

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