Common Hardware Issue: Mic dead while recording video/speakerphone

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Mac-Addict, Jun 25, 2010.

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    This has been found to be a common issue ( )
    The problem is when on a speakercall to someone they cannot hear your voice, a speaker call is also a facetime call as audio is dealt with the same way as a speakerphone call. This issue is also found while recording video, occasionally the mic will work and record audio but most times it is just static that is recorded. This is not an issue with every iPhone 4 but is pretty widespread by the amount of people posting on the Apple Discussion forums. Please post in this thread if you have heard or any fixes or even if you have the same bug.
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    3rd time is not charm

    I'm on my 3rd iPhone 4. I LOVE this phone--not a hater all concerned with how I hold my phone, blah blah blah. No dropped calls due to antenna...


    1st iP4 returned for Prox Sensor issue.
    2nd iP4 returned for Prox Sensor issue.
    3rd iP4 no Prox Sensor issue--YAY!

    ALL THREE have had Speakerphone/Mic issue. This is troublesome to me because I use my spearkerphone for nearly every conversation. In fact, I only noticed the prox sensor issues because I couldn't use my speakerphone and was trying to hold the phone on my shoulder and converse--LOL.

    Mic works to record and for video recording with no interference whatsoever.

    During phonecalls, the person on the other end either hears nothing, or tells me I sould garbled or like I'm underwater. I cannot use the speakerphone at all.

    I'm still keeping my phone and I still love my phone--but I have to admit, Apple did indeed unleash a buggy product this time 'round. It won't keep me from buying the next one that comes out, but maybe the iP5 should have a little tighter QC.
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    With my first iPhone 4, I had a problem using facetime, which I found out uses the top mic, and video recording, which also uses the top mic. No sound was recorded when I was using either of them. My friend couldn't hear me during facetime and no audio was recorded during a video recording. I tested it by rubbing both mics when i was in video recording. When I tapped the top mic, i could hear a little bit of noise but when I tapped the bottom i heard none, this is how i found out that the top mic was what was being used for video recording.

    To answer your question, no, i did not find a solution to it. I took my phone back to the ATT store, same day i purchased it, and the reps did some trouble shooting, which consisted of putting a case on it -.- and surprisingly, it didnt work. What they ended up doing was replacing my phone and i tested the videocamera and facetime and this one did work.

    I was pleased that they replaced my phone, baffled by their troubleshooting, annoyed by their ignorance, and glad that the problem was resolved.

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