Commonwealth Games Fiasco

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Lord Blackadder, Sep 21, 2010.

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    Increasingly ominous reports coming out of India on the eve of the Commonwealth Games. It looks like India is seriously straining to meet international standards for this event.

    I know it's not quite the Olympics or World Cup, but it is interesting to see that India is having such big infrastructural problems hosting the games. It underscores just how taxing it can be to any but the wealthiest countries. India, the second most populous nation, the word's largest democracy, a regional military and politcal power, and a country with growing economic influence, still struggles to host a middle-sized athletics tournament. It highlights the poverty, government inertia and general gulf in living standards between the wealthiest nations and everyone else.

    Compare India's situation with recent tournaments in Greece and China (Olympics) as well as South Africa (World Cup). Those nations all had to adress criticism over their fitness to host large international sporting events with all the attendant demands on infrastructure. China and South Africa largely succeeded, but Greece bankrupted itself.
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    The Canadian team should quickly make reservations at a Holiday Inn, or even a backpackers hostel, in case the living situation in the village is unliveable.
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    "Increasingly ominous" is a very good way of putting it, OP.

    What bothered me greatly was watching the slum clearance prior to construction beginning. An awful lot of people were displaced with, seemingly, nowhere else to go.

    There's also the issue of whether the economic benefits of the commonwealth games being held in India will actually trickle down to the masses.

    I suspect, given the incredible amounts of international money that have been misappropriated in the past, this will not be the case.

    I realise my point is somewhat tangential to the thread, lol.
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    I don't think we (India) are straining to meet standards. The upcoming fiasco is due to MASSIVE corruption among the government agencies that are organising the games, combined with a lack of seriousness about conducting a high-quality event (the organisers aren't serious about anything except lining their pockets). See examples like this one. Paying Rs. 975000 per treadmill, to rent treadmills when the same treadmills can be bought in Delhi for Rs. 400000.
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    If India can come so far with all this corruption, just imagine where it would be today without it?

    It is a real shame about these games. I would like to think they will go ahead, but we'll see what happens. Clearly Indian standards are different from other nations'.
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    Intersting stuff, I was hoping we'd get an Indian MR member or two here to comment. Thanks for posting! It seems like the average guy in the street was excited and hopeful about the games, but officials were extremely negative.

    What do you think is going to happen?
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    Totally agreed with this. The organizers are stupid. And the rains are creating problems too in Delhi. I am currently in US, but most of my friends in Delhi say that the rains have caused many problems as lot of water is on the streets. The sewage system is old and it sucks.

    Its always like this...the government and the agencies delay everything, then do crappy last minute work and then blame other agencies. I hate corruption and I think its the main problem in India.

    Most of my friends in Delhi and other people too are ashamed by the lack of work and whats going on. Everyone is angry. The games must go on though.

    The DMRC, which built the metro in Delhi, is the most awesome agency in Delhi. The metro is world class, very cheap and extremely comfortable to ride...and in my opinion its the best metro that I have used till now. (I've been to a lot of places)

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