compact 8-port gigabit switch for pre-wired home


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Dec 8, 2008
My house is pre-wired for Ethernet and I had not yet tested it; I use wireless. It needed an 8-port switch so I recently ordered a Netgear switch but it turns out that the power adapter is such that it does not fit in the network box that is in the closet (first picture), and I would not be able to screw the cover on completely (second picture).

I have 3 choices
1. Live with this switch. The gaps are good for breathing room. :)
2. Try some other switch with a more compact power adapter. [I would need recommendations.]
3. Just use wireless. Wired is so yesterday.

Right now, I would like to do Option 2, it's always good to have a wired connection, I think. #1 is kind of ugly, but since it's hidden inside a closet, this is not a big deal [does it actually need breathing room?].



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Dec 1, 2006
Cedar Rapids, IA. USA
You might also find some really short 6" "extension cords" which are sold to allow multiple "wall-wart" power supplies to be used with a standard power strip. Then you could place your power supply off to the side.
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