Compact sleeve/protection for Macbook Pro 13"

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by macstatic, Jun 15, 2014.

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    Having just bought a 13" Macbook Pro i5 (non-retina) I need some sort of protection for it. It'll be placed in a backpack when traveling, so I only need something to protect mainly against scratches and minor bumps.

    Neoprene sleeves are compact and would protect against bumps, but all the ones I've seen come with zippers which kind of defeat the purpose of protecting against scratches.
    Then there are these "shells" of hard plastic or rubber. This seems like an even better idea because they'd protect the computer against scratches at all times -even while using it. I like the idea of a "grippy" rubbery outer protection, but I'm not sure what to get. Will the cheapo eBay "rubber shells" suffice or should I look into something else?
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    The neoprene sleeves - at least the one I bought - has material stitched to overlap the zipper so the metal does not contact the computer and scratch it. I used an Incase sleeve with my macbook for years and it never scratched the inside. I really thought it was a good product for traveling. I was hesitant to get a hard shell because I didn't know if the computer would run hotter as a result.

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    FYI. There is actually a HUGE bags and sleeves thread!

    But I'm in the exact same boat. I have a really old shoulder bag for my older 15" that am now using for a new rMBP 13". I was using the Viper Hardcase and I gotta tell you...the zippers don't even come close to the laptop. So if you're really worried, that's what I'd go for. But the thing is, it's not suitable for putting in your charger - that's what the rest of your backpack is for.

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