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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by AlmostMac, Nov 15, 2010.

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    Nov 15, 2010
    Hello all!

    I am new with Mac, approximately a year with a MacBookPro. My major dissapointment so far has to do with the possibilities of compacting filesize in powerpoint/ keynote presentations. I am using large image files to presentations due to work. The powerpoint / MS office in PC is very effective in reducing filesize by bringing all images in a document to a screen resolution. Just a button a presentations of 80 MB can come down to 15 without any loss of quality in screen resolution.

    Powerpoint in Mac simply has no option for this. Filesize explodes and the MacBook simply cannot cope, to my great dissapointment. Keynote also sucks when it comes to reducing filesize. The unction of reducing file size is very limited and will maximum save a 10-20% of file size. Evenmore, exporting to pdf from pages documents sometime means increase in the file size. A pdf of 4 MB I can make with my PC from a word document, is suddenly exploding to 30 MB when I do it through pages even if I select lower resolution.

    I am really dissapointed at the inability to manage file size from a system that is supposed to be much better for graphic applications.
    Any advice will be very welcome!
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    Okay... here are my thoughts/ideas about these issues:
    1) The filesize is that large because it gives much better fidelity in the image, which prevents it being as horribly blocky as you get on large screens in Powerpoint (which is one of the most horrid things about presentations)
    2) The PDF created on the PC is likely not at even the lowest resolution, however Ive never had a 30MB PDF created by Pages, even on a 200 page Project - what sort of files are giving you that size??

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