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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by duncanapple, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. duncanapple macrumors 6502

    Jun 12, 2008
    So i haven't seen this addressed anywhere, I am wondering what the impact will be on those of us with corporate discounts. Currently I get 25% off my data plan which brings the $30 fee to $22.50. According to the discount policy the 25% off only applies to 3G plans over $30 a month. Of course that was written before this new structure. I wonder how soon they will update the policy or if they will at all. Will the discount still stand (bringing the $25 plan to $18.75) or will the "cheaper" 2GB capped plan end up being more expensive than unlimited for me? I don't use near 2GB (more like ~300mb) but I am not about to pay more for less.

    To complicate matters more I am going to be moving from one family plan to another as soon as I upgrade on launch day (I don't want to do it before and jeopardize my eligibility) - will I be able to get the new iPhone, move my phone to the new family plan, AND keep my unlimited data plan?

    This is always so complicated lol...

    (side note - mods, hopefully this topic is different enough to warrant a new thread - I know there are a few going right now on the pricing tiers announced today)
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    I am curious about that as well. Like you, I receive a discount off a qualifying data plan, which only applies to data plans of $30 or more. With a 28% discount, I end up paying $21.60 for the $30 unlimited data plan. I average just over 2GBs a month. I would be better served in the new 2GB plan for $25, but makes no sense to change unless I get the 28% discount, which would bring it down to $18.
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    Why would a change in data plans affect the corporate discounts AT&T provides. I don't expect any impact/reduction to that discount, I'm able to take advantage, irregardless of changing my data plan

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