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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Dane D., Sep 22, 2006.

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    Here is the scenario, our client recently had us convert their literature; old board art to digital. The reason for this was the printer they were using is no longer in business and the plates don't fit the new printer's presses. No problem, I tackled that project and completed it. They then decided to scrap the paper approach and go completely digital via putting all this literature on a CD. There are some stepulations they want. They want it to be similiar to a web site ala links to other sections and pages. Decent print quality off inkjets and Laser printers. Good speed running off the CD. And this last one threw me for a loop; they wanted to know if you can email a page or pages from the CD.

    My immediate thought was create a PDF file, which would consist of Intro page, table of contents, company information and then broken into major sections with a section divider page. I then proceeded to build this file in Quark, when done it is 77 pages. All hi-res Photoshop TIFF files (300 dpi, cmyk) and Illustrator cmyk .eps files. I then exported via Quark PDF the file. The settings were: no compression on color and B/W images, downsampled to 100 dpi, color unchanged (cmyk). This produced a 84MB PDF file. After 3.5 hrs of creating the hyperlinks, we reviewed it, everything worked fine, looked good on screen and printed out nicely. I then meet with the client and we review the PDF, he then proceeds to try and email a page to another person, it locks up his PC. I told him you can't email just one page or several pages because it is one giant file. That disappointed him, he insists on this capability. When I got back my office, I started researching this hurdle. What I found was that if one is in Reader then chooses File>email the whole file is attached to the email. So I began to explore Reader tools and the Snapshot tool seems to be the answer. But, my concern is how many people actually know this tool exists and know how to use it.

    1)Am I approaching this project correctly? 2) If so, should I include instructions on how to grap pages? 3) If not, would there be a better way to do this project? 4) I ruled out an .html file approach because I thought it would much more work and it doesn't support TIFF and .eps files.
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    That's an interesting one.

    There are a couple of possibilities I can think of.

    I suppose the people who will be seeing the file will be both PC and Mac users. Could you not create a web based solution? So they could send a link to users? Alternatively you could break the PDF up into a couple of pieces?

    Ultimately you don't want the email to be bigger than what, say about a MB?

    Can you not compress the PDF more? Lower Image resolutions? jpeg instead of Tiff?

    Could you not do something in flash?
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    Go to and download one of their free PDF articles. These articles act like web sites with internal and external links.
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    Don't have flash. I tried compressing the images, but the quality on screen wasn't too good. Most of the images have large areas of solid or grad color and looked bad as jpgs. I'm assuming mostly PC users - product is elevators. The web-based approach is possible but the client already has a web site. Not a good site, it was one those done by somebody's nephew back in 2000 or earlier. They want the CDs because they can pass them out at trade shows and mail them cheaply. Another question about PDF files.
    Can you create a link that references another PDF file on the CD? Sorta like a quasi-web site, but all PDF files?

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