Comparison between 17" 2.6 C2D MBP's?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by vixapphire, Oct 5, 2008.

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    I'm wondering whether anyone has any info concerning differences between the MB350LL/A 2.6 17" hi-res MBP that was last-generation's top of line computer, and the current MB512LL/A 2.6 17" hi-res MBP?

    I know that the 350 had 256MB of VRAM, while the 512 has 512MB. I believe there may be differences in memory speed (faster newer) and CPU cache (more older, but I may be wrong on the 2.6 models), and the new ones may have higher-capacity battery.

    In terms of actual in-the-field differences in speed etc. though, is the new one any faster? If so, how much so?

    In terms of the VRAM, video, and all that makes many consider all these to be "time bombs", does the 512 v. 256 make the new one run hotter or vice versa, or no difference? Is the older one altogether a hotter machine, or the newer (temperature-wise, I mean)?

    I'm looking to replace a G4 tibook and G5 desktop, for everything from lifestyle management to MS Office for work, to Logic Pro for other work, so my use runs the gamut (although i'm not doing any video or intense photo-editing).

    Is the 512LL/A any more reliable as a long-term prospect than the older one?

    Thanks for your responses. Please do not respond with instructions to wait 2 weeks for the new models; if the new ones drop any of the ports/connectivity of the current bodystyle, they are of no use to me. Besides, I've been reading all those 30+ page threads for weeks!

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    The only actual important difference is the trackpad supports multi touch gestures.

    It is also Penryn so it runs cooler, and I believe the LED option for the high res was the same on both.

    Performance wise they should be identical, and with the 128bit memory bus, the 256 vs 512 VRAM difference is irrelevant.

    The newer 17"'s also came with bigger hard drives standard.

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