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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by yhumusta, May 23, 2008.

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    May 23, 2008
    50 miles south of the Canadian border
    IF my eMac, which I have to admit was a 'Junkyard find', would work consistently for start-up (screen fails to initialize for about the first half an hour or more!) I would buy a new G5 full-blown graphics unit for my studio. This eMac has had NO PROBLEM being upgraded from OS X-10.3.2 to 10.3.9. and it was a snap to install my AnimeStudio Pro 5.6. In addition because I am a VR nut, I also installed Firefox with a Cortona VRML plugin that I was able to download. I found an HTML(etc) editor: Taco, I found an FTP client for free... I was able to install Adobe PhotoShop Elements 3.0 from my Wacom Tablet (which also installed with drivers no sweat!!!) software bundle... I mean this sucker COOKS!!! I LOVE MY eMac!
    But I also understand WHY the former owner dumped it (though I do not understand the dumping of the iMac... there were like 30 Macs they got rid of including PowerMacs... I just did not want to be a PIG and glom on to all the Macs I could grab! Even if I could get them going and give them to kids... I just have so much to do as it is including finishing the space I would have them stored in!!! ARRRRRRRRGGGG!). The issues with the one piece power/vid board are infamous on web forums that I have scouted.
    However I also have an iMac I picked up as well when I found this eMac. It has OS 9.2. and it is next on my list to get 'up to snuff'.
    Now, in comparing my PC unit (a home-built with AMD64-3000 754 arch. with 2GB RAM and about 680GB of disk space running WinXP-Pro and one disk of about 160GB with Debian Linux. I would have to say though I have it packed to the teeth with graphics software which includes the Adobe CS3 Creative Suite, Maya 2008, Combustion, AnimeStudio Pro 5.6, MangaStudio Pro 3.0, Sony Acid Studio 9.0, and a ship-load of other apps... It doesn't hold a candle to the ease and 'no crash' status of my junk find eMac... I mean that is just the plain truth. If this eMac would only have been made with a better quality video processor board... it would be perfect!
    However because it isn't I am relegated to using the two systems. But even with its drawbacks, the eMac is a much better system. I love the commandline interface and the fact that it makes use of the strengths of Unix and the 'what Windows was meant to be' aspect...
    SO my question is simply this:
    Does anyone in the forum have anything to convince me to give up what I have and invest in a new intel-based G5... because my PC is AMD but it is considered 'intel based' and it has a quite a few holes in its arch... so what is the winning argument to convince me the new style apple G5 will be the 'perfect computer' for my artistic endeavors? Anybody?
    (This eMac is Motorola and I LOVE IT, except for the video problem...)
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    Sep 11, 2002
    There's no such thing as an "Intel-based G5." G5 is a CPU made by IBM (and retired in 2006). Core/Core2/Pentium are CPUs made by Intel. It would be neat if I could buy a Toyota Honda or one of them new-fangled Chevy Fords, but they just don't make such cars.

    That said, the difference in speed between the G4s and the current Core2s is huge. OS X runs the same on both (reliability-wise), so if you're happy with the performance, you'll be doubly so with the current chips.
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    May 23, 2008
    50 miles south of the Canadian border
    OK. So the new Macs are not "G5" or 'Gx',.. They are just considered 'Intel' Macs? I am very aware of the 'models' of Intel, I do not use Intel in my PC home-builts, due to the fact that AMD's arch. is just more reliable and I have experienced less crashing and freeze-up in Win/Linux with AMD. I have been using AMD exclusively for almost 11 years now. However, having said that, it is the fact that so many studios use Macs for their Render farms and studio boxes that has me reconsidering my computer choice. Oh well, guess I will just keep plugging along until some serious user data can be gleaned from the switch by Apple to the Intel chips. I should really get in touch with some folks in the Japanese Anime studios. Thanks for a reply.
  4. err404 macrumors 68020

    Mar 4, 2007
    I'm not sure what issues you had with intel in the past, but that was over a decade ago. A lot has happened in that time and the modern intel chips have a completely different architecture with the Core 2. intel Macs are every bit as reliable and stable as your old PPC Mac, and much much faster. The change from PPC to intel is transparent to the average user. Even emulating PPC apps on a new Mac would be faster than an old G4.

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