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Oct 4, 2008
I'm looking to get a new charger for my UGreen qi wireless pad. Like most of the qi pads out there it has a microUSB socket on it and says that it requires a QC3.0 charger to charge at 7.5 W. However, the QC standard seems to be on the way out as USB-PD chargers come in. My question is - can I use a USB-PD charger plug with a qi charging pad (with a USB-C to microUSB cable) to get fast charging or am I limited to using a QC charger (with USB-A sockets)?


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Jul 2, 2008
QC3 (and below) and PD still speak different languages and are not compatible.

QC4 is based on PD, and adds a superset of enhancements, so the two are compatible, but if the charger is designed to connect to a QC adapter, in all likelihood a QC3 adapter, it won't work with a PD adapter.

QC4 also requires a USB-C connector, so if your charger doesn't have one, it most assuredly is not QC4 compatible, and again, will not work with a PD adapter.

QC is cheap, has good market penetration, and as long as Qualcomm plays a role in mobile devices, isn't going anywhere.
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