OS Neutral Compatibility of older games on rMBP bootcamp

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Saphen, Aug 13, 2014.

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    I'm currently looking to replace my 9+ years old laptop and for various reasons the retina macbook pro 13' is currently on top of my list of potential machines. This would be my first mac.

    I have a desktop PC at home where I do my "serious" gaming so I'm not all that concerned about my laptop not being a huge powerhouse. What is important to me though is that I am able to play some of my old favourite games when I'm away from home or relaxing on the couch.

    I've been doing some searching and a surprising number of games that I would want to play were ported to OSX over the years and are readily available on GOG or Steam, which is a great thing. However, I'm still missing a few important ones that were either never ported (such as Morrowind) or are no longer supported on the newer OSX (Neverwinter Nights 1, Blizzard's older games).

    I've been looking at my options and I think I'd like to run a Windows partition for these games. Wrappers seem interesting, but at first glance bootcamp seems like a more straightforward and reliable option. I'm just a bit concerned about support of the hardware under Windows, if that makes any sense. The games I have in mind are not demanding at all so I doubt that not having the latest drivers and such would be much of a problem, but I've been googling around and some people report oddities with screen resolutions under Windows. Saw a topic here where a guy said NWN was unplayable because of resolution shenanigans. I understand that this probably sounds silly to most but like I said it's important to me =P

    So I guess my core question is this: given comparable specs, if game X is playable on a Windows PC, is it necessarily playable on a rMBP Windows partition? Do in-game resolution options scale properly to the screen? There's plenty of videos around for newer games but I'm having a hard time finding info for older ones. More specifically, I'm looking for info on Neverwinter Nights 1, Morrowind, Warcraft 2 BNE & 3, Diablo 2 and old LucasArts games (X-Wing, TIE Fighter (the windows re-releases), Jedi Knight 1).

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    What runs on a normal Windows PC, runs under Bootcamp. In fact, under Bootcamp, your Mac is for all matters a normal Windows PC.

    Any problems you might run into, like problems with modern aspect ratios in games that were developed for the old 4:3 ratio, or problems with modern Windows versions, are the same you would have on any normal Windows PC.
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    For those old titles, you could install Windows through a virtual machine using Parallels or VMWare Fusion.

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