Compatible colour laser printer for macs with cheap toners

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    I am trawling the internet for a colour laser printer to use at home. I need it to be smallish, colour and sub £100 if possible but the clincher is cheap toners. I have found a samsung on amazon for £76 but the toners are £150 for a full set.

    Any one know of a good colour laser printer in the UK with cheap toners? Cheers
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    I've switched my small law office over to Mac, unfortunately that, entropy, and a decision to move towards a paperless office has meant that I've had to buy new peripherals.

    My own experience echoes the advice of my toner/office supply person and the son of my office manager who fixes and services printers for a living: you can either save money up front by buying a cheaper/base model printer and spend more money on toner and supplies in the long run, or vice versa. That's the first way that the printer companies stack the deck. And larger, more economical toner cartridges generally equal larger printers.

    Their advice was to find the best deal I could on a lightly used or older model to get in on the lower back end costs and minimize the up front costs as much as possible. But the printer companies also quit updating the drivers on their older models after a certain length of time, which is the second way they stack the deck against you. You have to make sure that an older printer is supported by your OS to ensure it will work with full functionality on your setup. This is even more critical with multifunction machines.

    I've jumped twice too quickly into OS X upgrades and had to replace peripherals
    both times as a result. I can now understand why small offices chug along with older, almost outdated equipment and software: they've reached a place where everything works the way it's supposed to, and does what they want it to do without having to spend more time and money for upgrades.
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    I currently have a HP CP1525nw color laser printer. Its anywhere from $150 to $225 or so (Canadian) the printers individually are around $60 to $75. However sense it is color you will be buying 3 color toners, plus the black so around $240 for a whole set.

    The best thing about this laser printer? It comes with all 4 toners that are samples. With these samples I got around 1,500 black pages, and am currently at 750 colored pages (for each color toner) I just bought a new black toner and it is suppose to last up to 5,000 or more pages.

    The thing I love about this printer is the fact that it has those 4 different toners, if you are printing more blue then say yellow. Then all you have to do is buy a blue toner down the road before any of the others.

    Plus it works with Mac. (Oh its wireless, and it works with iOS printing.)

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