Competition will help us!

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    I hope Apple is jarred out of its lethargy by the fantastic Android phones that are dropping. The HTC One, the Galaxy S4 and a Sony 1 with rumored specs that are over the moon, plus myriad others, have to get Tim Cook's attention. My Iphone 5 works great. I moved from the Iphone 4 to a Galaxy S3 and while it was a nice phone, I was happy to come back. My hope is that the phone that comes after this spec bump Iphone 5S, will be everything we expect from Apple, a state of the art device. We need to have a phone that competes with these Android phones. Pretty soon Android will have an 80% Global share and that means big trouble for Apple. I just wish Apple would move faster. If they think they can just go at a slow pace, they are going to suffer.
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    It really has nothing to do with the specs on phones, but more to do with software. The real question is will ios7 bring the big jump people want. The hardware of the iphone 5 is plenty up to speed.
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    Not really, "up to speed" is too subjective. What may be a fluid and fast experience to one may not be to another. There's no defined standards for what "speed" is on a phone, so it'd be hard to "debate."
    EDIT: specs don't count as speed, so saying "but it haz quad-cor!!1" won't cut it.

    And I agree, competition is good in every market. It now depends on if Apple rises to the challenge or if they still stick to the same small, incremental upgrades that are becoming less appealing to people (and investors) every release.
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    The question is more of, is Apple going to deliver what customers want, or what it thinks you need and/or deserve. We will know in a few days. I'm waiting on the tenth, if they deliver the lame crap I'm reading about, I'm back to Android.
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    Completely agree. They don't want to give users what they want, they want to make users believe Apple is what they want.
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    Your comment is close.

    Apple actually believes they know what we want, before we do.

    Even more hilarious is they've got a massive number of Apple worshipers believing it. These people are so dependent on Apple they readily agree that Apple knows what's best for them & openly admit it here on the forum.

    Apple manipulates the ones that lack the desire to think for themselves, do the research on various choices of smartphones, and make a decision. It's an amazing phenomenon.

    My Samsung S4 is simply brilliant. It's so fast, fun, and useful that I could not be happier.

    Should Apple decide to give the iPhone a 4.7" to 5.0" display, it would increase the usefulness of the phone tremendously for those of us that use our smartphones for heavy email traffic & web access.

    I just can't deal with its tiny screen when my s4 has such a gorgeous 4.99" display. The extra working room & larger keyboard is so efficient.

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