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Sep 3, 2007
Bruno by Blacksmith-Labs

Bruno by Blacksmith-Labs
Leather is probably the best I have ever tried... Extremely high quality, I just can't get used to carrying on my belt, got black apple leather case.
This one is For Sale... email me if interested yourtoys7 at


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Mar 25, 2013
Palo Alto, Ca
The Nodus case is what I'm using now and I love it.

One distinguishing feature is that it uses this weird micro-suction material that is as sticky as any adhesive. The benefit is that it doesn't leave a residue and can be used over and over again.

At first it looked like a normal sticky pad (see photo). I can't even see the pits on the surface so at first I thought the "suction gimmick" was BS. After some months I have "reused" it several times without loss of strength. (Cleaning the surface with tape occasionally seems to work well).

When my iPhone is in hot weather (e.g. Hot dashboard) I would to worry about some adhesives turning into soft glue. With the microsuction it's as if it's bonded to the phone - it's that strong. And yet I can peel it off with no hassle. I love it.

Also the leather is really nice quality and the stitching is top notch.

There are also nice details like inner suede lining and the build quality is superb.

It's marketed as a luxury item, though, and it's priced accordingly.

I got it as a Kickstarter so I got a bargain. I'm not sure I would pay full retail. £59. You can get 20% off with discount code. PM me for it if you're interested because I don't remember it.


Here's the microsuction surface.
It actually looks like tape - even up close. The only difference is that I've been able to apply it multiple times without losing stickiness.... Plus there's no residue.


I even tried it with a Spigen case. As long as the back is slick the stuff will stick. I later got rid of the Spigen shell and use it on a naked phone.

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