Compilations not real time?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by spoa94, Sep 16, 2015.

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    This question is mainly for Apple Watch devs. Is the new compilation feature not able to update in real time? I am asking because I am currently using TestFlight to test an app a developer invited me to and the whole purpose of it is a compilation that shows how much money you have made based on time and what your wage is. Seemed interesting enough to me. But the compilation will not update automatically in real time and the developer is telling me this is Apple's design, not to update the compilations in real time. Didn't they advertise that Tesla was making an app to show current car battery charge? That is real time. Someone tell me whats up and if I am in the wrong please./
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    I think the app/complication shown at WWDC was for an electric Volkswagen. But it did show charge remaining which would have to be in real time since that is SUPER important. On the wOS 2 purview page Apple shows a CNN Top Story and flight info. Both of this would need to be very current. It as says:

    "...So you can easily check your United flight times or keep an eye on home devices — lights, thermostat, sensors, cameras..."

    EDIT found some info on it:

    "...Complication that takes the form of a VW logo with a circular bar at the edge that gets closer to completion as the battery charges...."
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    I think the developer may have a little more work to do...

    Note that a complication can be setup with the data for current and future times (and past as well.) So it could be pre-defined to have the data to display accurately. I think in the case OP mentions the developer could just calculate the wage and time for now, and 15 mins from now, and 30 mins from now. Then when the complication is rendered it can show the correct data. When WatchKit asks for updated data, the watch app can update those numbers again. That way the complication always has 'current' (if maybe a little bit of an estimate) data.

    The multiple data points also help when the user scrolls in Time Travel mode to show past and future data.
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    3rd party complications are as real time as other complications.

    Rudmentally paraphrasing the docs, devs should be prepared for the OS to reach out and check for updates at any time - regardless of app state.

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