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    So I think the My Town 2 community needs a separate thread to honestly discuss the many problems inherent in this fine game which we all obviously love. The problem with trying to do so in the "Anybody Playing My Town 2?" thread is that the purpose of that thread is about communal bonding and meeting one another and discussing the game generally, along with strategies. This thread has a much more narrow focus. I want to explore the problems. I'll list my five top issues and please feel free to comment and add to this. Some of these issues Booyah will hopefully address, and some we may as customers have to bring to their attention directly.

    (1) It's way too hard to earn bucks.

    This is probably the #1 complaint of the playerbase. At this time, there are 8 different ways to earn game bucks. To an outsider that may sound great, but the reality is, it's still a constantly struggle.

    (a) Booyah "Share" - You earn bucks by telling people about the game through Twitter, text, E-mail & Facebook. Easy way to earn 3 bucks a share, but you can only do each one once. So you get a maximum of $12 in game bucks, and that's all you are ever gonna get.

    (b) Gifting Bucks - This requires you reach Level 10 on at least one business. Not too terrible, every person who gifts you can give you $3 a day. The problem is, it requires you to do nearly 2,000 jobs on a building or shell out a lot of game bucks on automatic upgrades. Great when you get there, but very time-consuming unless you already have bucks to spare.

    (c) Franchising - Unlike coins, in which you get 25% of the purchase price when someone franchises one of your buildings, with bucks you only get 10% back. This could still be a windfall, as someone with tons of bucks who buys your business for 18,000 game bucks will pass along 1,800 of those bucks to you. However, recently a change was made by Booyah setting a cap on bucks earned to a measly 50 bucks maximum. So someone spending a fortune in game bucks is barely gonna lift your buck count at all unless they franchise a lot of businesses from you.

    (d) Daily Lottery - Despite Booyah's claim that each day will give you "better prizes," in reality you get 1 game buck a day for logging in IF you continue logging in every day. If you don't, you are back to getting coins each day. Big whoop.

    (e) Random Town Errands - Sometimes for helping the townsfolk find their way, you get a free game buck along with the usual coins and experience. This is pretty rare though. By my count, you get like 1 game buck for every 30 errands. Since the errands come around like once every 5 minutes, you have to log some serious game time to make any real money this way.

    (f) "Free Bucks" - You earn bucks for satisfying the terms and conditions of an offer by one of Booyah's sponsors, i.e. signing up for a credit card. I did this once, and was never credited any bucks. Waste of time and possibly money and way too much trouble to go through for any amount of bucks.

    (g) Leveling Up - Every new level, you get a free buck. The problem is, the game is capped at 50 levels. Once you hit Level 50, no more bucks. Obviously Booyah will add levels at some point, but it's pretty bad when a consistent tried and true method of getting bucks is stripped away because the game designers got lazy and didn't bother to extend the game after 4 months of it being out.

    (h) Buying Them With Real Money - The biggest joke of them all. It's way too expensive to do this. You would have to pay $10 in real money just to buy the Empire State Building, which gives a small 10% boost to your business incomes. For $100, you would get 1600 game bucks, and that's not even close to enough to buy a popular out-of-area business. For me, The Mixer Bar in Paris (currently the most popular business in the game) costs about 32,000 in game bucks to franchise. Get this: that's $2,000 in real money!!! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?

    (2) The My Town Stock Exchange is totally broken.

    Many players have realized that you can earn nearly infinite coins by converting all your businesses to offices, then building a bunch of Stock Exchanges. The fact is, Booyah dropped the ball big time here and people are taking serious advantage. These are the problems with the Stock Exchange:

    (a) It's way too small. Most wonders take up an entire land parcel. The Stock Exchange is so small that you can fit 4 of them on a single parcel. That allows you to be able to put down a ton of them without sacrificing too much space.

    (b) Giving a 20% boost to all of one building type is too strong for a wonder that can be bought in coins. The Championship Stadium is technically better than the Stock Exchange, but it costs 65 game bucks, it's much larger, and it's a limited edition item.

    (c) It's too cheap. 30,000 coins? Ridiculous considering the boost. With 75 Stock Exchanges out, I was earning about 130 million coins PER BUILDING EVERY THREE MINUTES. On a cycle of like 25 buildings, we are talking over 3billion in coins collectively every 3 minutes. Do the math. That's silly stupid for an investment of a little more than 2 million coins for the 75 wonders.

    (d) This is possible because of problem #4: the stupid things actually stack, so they keep getting incrementally better in numbers.

    The solution here is either make the Stock Exchange cost bucks, make it not stack, or limit it to only 1 per town.

    (3) There are power issues involving many of the other wonders.

    The main issues here are the Statue of Liberty, the Intergalactic Spaceport, and the Lucky Chance Casino.

    (a) Statue of Liberty - The most expensive wonder by far at 420 game bucks, and a total ripoff. 50,000 population bonus sounds great, but the price is too high. You could get the same result buying 5 power plants, which cost only coins. But the real downside to it comes when you look at the spaceport...

    (b) Intergalactic Spaceport - It's way too good and way too cheap at 80 game bucks. A 20% population boost may not immediately sound great. At low levels when you have like 40,000 people, you are only getting a boost of 8,000. But this wonder rewards the late game player. When you have 400,000 people, suddenly the same wonder is giving you 80,000 people. So let's do the math. If you buy 5 Intergalactic Spaceports for 400 game bucks, you get a population boost of 400,000. That's 8 TIMES AS MUCH AS THE STATUE OF LIBERTY FOR LESS GAME BUCKS!!!

    (c) Lucky Chance Casino - This one I really, really hate. The first two are clearly unbalanced, but this one...just wow. It literally DOES NOT DO ANYTHING TO HELP YOU. Let's look at what it actually does. First off, let me start by saying you have to spend $4 in real money to acquire it. Not coins, not game bucks, actual out of pocket cash. For a digital item in a free app. I'll admit it looks amazing and I bought one because of the visual kick-assness. I mean, it has a roulette fountain in the front, come on. But what it does is, it gives you a 5% chance of getting double coins when clicking on one of your properties. Do the math and you'll see that means that 1 out of 20 buildings will give you double coin payout. WHAT? That's incredibly minimal and weak, and no other wonder does so, so little. If one of your buildings even produced enough coins to make this effect decent (for instance, you have a lot of Stock Exchanges), then you already are getting so many coins that this "bonus" is simply irrelevant. If your buildings are producing like 150 or 200 coins a pop (pretty typical), then an extra 150 or 200 coins ONE OUT OF EVERY 20 TIMES YOU CLICK is just plain pathetic.

    (4) There's simply not enough land to expand adequately.

    Booyah has and will continue to rectify this problem, but the main issue I have here is, look at the damn size of the map. Booyah could be making our towns like 10 times the size they are and still have more room to expand. Why are they limiting us and then imposing lengthy wait times until releasing more plots? The folly is, every holiday or big event, they are releasing special items, but not more land. Plenty of players don't even bother building roads. Why? Because they take up too much damn room on the map. So in a game where the object is to build a dream town, you can't even be building roads if you want to keep dropping businesses and homes / community buildings and decorations. That's utter insanity. Give us the tools we need to succeed instead of imposing artificial limitations and handicaps.

    (5) There's not enough choices to make distinctively different towns from one another.

    This is a minor gripe, but still worth addressing. Yes, there are a lot of choices to choose from when building, but it's not enough. Too many of these towns look the same, because so many cool items are bucks-only and therefore prohibitive. And some of them just plain suck so that nobody will waste space on them. People should not mainly be building condos and high-rise condos when placing housing, but they kind of have to because those homes give the best population / income boost for their price. Yes, townhouses and lofts may look better and give flavor, but they are subpar buildings so they will not be used as much.

    I personally use a lot of the "crap" buildings like the apartments and the Victorians because they fit my themes, but for the competitive player, they make no sense. People should not have towns full of subways and military barracks but these are small and give big boosts, so most players ignore that they are sacrificing vision and creativity. They simply do what makes the most sense to raising population so they can maximize their businesses.

    Also, we are missing major things to flesh out the towns. Here's a few:

    - chain link fences
    - beaches
    - tractors
    - water spaces
    - natural objects such as hills, mountains, and lakes
    - bridges
    - two-lane roads
    - more street signs such as yield and caution

    If you like this analysis and agree with my thoughts, show some support and write to Booyah telling them what you think. Also, comments and additional thoughts are certainly welcome.
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    i mostly agree with the things u adressed above. since noone's making any comment, i thought i should say a thing or two.

    *about the 8 ways of getting bucks,

    (f) "Free Bucks" - You earn bucks for satisfying the terms and conditions of an offer by one of Booyah's sponsors, i.e. signing up for a credit card. I did this once, and was never credited any bucks. Waste of time and possibly money and way too much trouble to go through for any amount of bucks.

    i actually tried this with tapjoy. i did what it asked me. and when i opened the game again i got my bucks, i don't know why it didn't work for u, u got unlucky i guess. it asks u to sign up and download the app, download the bookmark and visit the site from time to time, i get 2 bucks for visiting it twice every day. it's not much but it's something. (btw when downloading the app it asks u to change your iphone settings which i didn't do, i said cancel and i still got my bucks)

    *about the upcoming levels,

    i emailed booyah about this and they said they'll have new levels coming up this month. i'm impatient too and i'm only playing this game for 2 weeks. i can't imagine what it must feel like if i have been waiting for 4 months..

    *about buying things with real money,

    that's b*llsh*t ! i've never seen any game that costs that much money, i'm playing a lot of games on iphone and sometimes i paid to buy some exclusive stuff but none of them were this expensive. i'll never be paying my town 2 for anything, that's for sure.

    *about the lands,

    i totally agree with u there. the tiny land space makes me crazy. it looks like i have a lot of space right now because i didn't fully fill my town but the reason is that i'm very picky because the land i got is very limited so i'm thinking twice before buying a business or any other thing that'll take space.

    and the 24-hour waiting is insane.

    *about the stuff we're missing,

    yes, for example two lane roads like u said. i tried to put two roads together so i have a two lane road but then the cars started zigzagging on it..

    **the 6th complaint for me would be the missing locations.

    i live in istanbul, Turkey and the game doesn't even have my location. i'm not just talking about my town but there are a lot of beautiful cities missing from the game. i'll write to booyah about that too.
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    chimera town 34436535
    ... storage!!

    great thread ... I totally agree with all that has been said.

    I have seen another way to earn bucks ... just a random gift from Booyah!! I had seen it mentioned in the other thread that someone received a large sum of bucks just randomly (blue box on the screen one day). I didn't totally believe it, until I logged on to my husband's ipad the other day, and his account received a randon gift of $77 ... no idea why, but I would sure love to receive a random gift too !!

    In regards to the lack of land space, etc. I would love to be able to remove items from play, but keep them in inventory. If I have taken all the time to earn the $ and coins to purchase items, or to upgrade businesses, I would like to be able to save them someplace and make changes to my town every once in awhile, and/or add in the featured items. For instance, in the summer, I would like to remove the winter/christmas items and change to luau, etc. I agree with removing the related population that each of the items generated, if they should be moved to inventory, and add back if I bring the item back into play. When you look at the wonders or other items to buy in the store, it shows both the value required to purchase the item as well as the number available to "place". This makes it appear as though the possibility to store items could easily be added.

    anyways ... just my random thoughts. Love the game, and am working on re-creating my town. I was one of the very early players of the game, and had ranked quite high until my game crashed in December. Only just recently was I finally re-activated and forced to start over from scratch. I am hoping to earn bucks so that I can build everything I need. At this point, I am just building things and hope to start beautifying as soon as I have what I need.

    thanks!! and happy playing!!

    chimera town
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    The wait for expansion

    I am thrilled to have finally located a forum for this crazy addicting game! It has been a "learn as you go" experience for me, being that there is no "manual" or any kind of instruction to be found.

    I was going non-stop play (I love the design aspect of the game, decorating, etc) redesigning the layout of my town "Nayville" but now I am stuck waiting for $$ to purchase land expansion. It's frustrating! I also for a while had all my businesses switched as "offices" with multiple stock exchanges to earn $$ quicker so that I could buy land, but it took away from my love of the design and creating of a lifelike town with all the decorations, so I converted all back to their rightful businesses. So now I have pretty much gone "cold turkey" with checking in only twice a day to get cash. I hate that the land expansion is so expensive!

    It also feels like a waste since I am now trapped at level 50 and all my extra points earned are now just being wasted. They should be accumulating for when the new levels do become available or be exchanged for some kind of credit. I know a lot of my friends have dropped the game and moved on to other games because of that.
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    Wonderful Thread. Thank You!

    Yes, yes, yes to so many of your ideas and feedback. I love the game but have hit the wall. I am at level 50 which is reached quickly. In order to buy anything I have to sell several things to create the space to move things around. Love the idea previously mentioned about a holding space.

    Things I would like to see:

    1. Warning before upgrading or spending any bucks. I play on an iPhone and the screen is very small, sometimes leading to hitting the upgrade rather than 4 hour job.
    2. More ways to earn bucks or the ability to buy a bundle with coins.
    3. Some way to get disappearing money and businesses back when the game crashes. I have lost 80 bucks, several hundred thousand coins, levels up and business that were purchased - just disappeared!
    4. More land - PLEASE! How hard can it be to add another tier or two? I don't like having to destroy the beautiful town I have built to keep playing. I did it yesterday and now feel the sense that I am not sure if I want to keep playing. Thanks, Booyah, you are helping me give up my addiction.
    5. Culdesacs - I can create this to some degree but it is lopsided.
    6. More decorations.
    7. More Colors
    8. More Office Buildings
    9. More options for businesses that look beautiful rather than buildings with fruits and bottles on top.
    10. Also, I would like to be able to purchase more gifts for my friends. 5 gifts are not enough. I would like to spend coins to give extra gifts! Let's really embrace this social connection.

    Thanks to those of you who are contributing here. Barracuda Bay - I am soooo friending you! :)

    Booyah #32639747
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    NYC, KC, Dallas
    Population Requirement Spiked

    Once I arrived at a population of 1,013,000, the message I received was that I would have to grow my town to 5,000,000 to be able to buy more businesses.:eek:

    That seems a ridiculous jump given all previous population growth requirements. Additionally, I would have to destroy most of the town to achieve this, or spend a fortune to get many Liberty Statues (how do people afford this? I have seen some players with nearly a board full!:confused:)

    I just bought a slew of the VIP Statues and a number of the luxury condos and it barely made a dent in the population. No wonder people have towns without roads or town-like organization. It is as though you are forced to dispense with a town plan in favor of continuing to amass the needed population to buy businesses. :(
    Seems this could be much better conceived.

    Come on Booyah. Great game but it appears you were resting on your laurels, or split your attention between too many projects. PetTown does not hold a candle to My Town 2. Sorry. ;) Surely you had a plan to release more if you wanted to keep players engaged! Do your advertisers realize that those players who were highly engaged are essentially dissed for being too engaged?:rolleyes:
  8. Nobamaville macrumors newbie

    Feb 22, 2012
    I have had the exact same experience. I would love to keep playing but my board is full, I have hit over 1,000,000 in population and everytime I want to make an improvement to my board, I have to sell something and buy something else.

    Waiting 24 hours for things to be built or cleared is just bad policy.

    I hope they release an update soon with more levels, more space and more ways to earn bucks.

    BooyahID 31844030
  9. imahawki macrumors 6502a

    Apr 26, 2011
    Its a freemium game, they want you to buy the bucks with real money... period.
  10. scooterdeb macrumors newbie

    Feb 27, 2012
    Mt fugitive deal

    So, this is a free game, but what's with 442 bucks to buy this new MtFugi.
    Loved the shaking and getting the coins but then it's taken away and now have to pay for it?
  11. Chocofan macrumors newbie

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    Beijing, China
    Counterproductive greediness

    I agree in particular about the real money cost is too great, and so most people don't buy things that way. Some games that have been very successful, e.g. Angry Birds made their money initially because everything was cheap. A billion single dollars is a billion bucks.

    Make everything have a coin OR note OR real $ price, but the real $ is just $1 and most people who are impatient, like me, will actually pay it.

    A lot more profit than making something cost $15 and only 100 people buy it.

    Give people choices and offer more ways to make coins and notes plus add the option of real money but nothing costs over $1 and everyone will start expanding so fast they will be rolling in their money.

    Plus more land has to be available more quickly. The reality in the real world is if you have a lot of people on a job it will get finished faster SO give land clearing and building options, cheap if you want to wait 2 days, bit dearer for one day, dearer for 12 hours, more expensive again for 6 hours, or top dollar for instant. Choices.

    Choices are a bit limited.

    I am ticked because I bought the casino after I misunderstood what I was getting from it. Didn't seem to be getting diddly squat so searched it and found this thread. Dammit. I thought it was 5./. On top of coins all the time and 2x as many... Seemed worth it as I am trying to expand. What a waste of space it is!!! It takes up a whole (expensive) block of land! and does nothing!
  12. Pamiam's macrumors newbie

    Feb 10, 2012
    Agree with all the above. I dont mind paying a bit here and there, but for the prices they want to charge they better have a more stable game. Should have a save button. I Enjoy collecting the limited items which cannot be replaced if you lose your town.

    I was thinking about purchasing Ipad until I found out you cant transfer game or play on both. What happens when we want to upgrade our Iphones. MT2 should be Icloud compatible.
  13. ntewsr macrumors newbie

    Mar 19, 2012
    MyTown 2Help

    My BooyahID: 34826134 The Dena

    I have great businesses that you can franchise
    It is really helpful that you can use the office wonders to gain 20% more for each job. These are stackable. Also you can modify your businesses to be all offices to gain extra $$
  14. KatiesDream macrumors newbie

    Jan 26, 2012
    NYC, KC, Dallas
    Wirelessly posted

    From the looks of it it appears we no longer have to worry about a lack of space. I have seen one town after another disappear as people have a updated after St. Patrick's Day. I'm wondering are these towns coming back? Is Booyah addressing this issue? Are those towns really there and I can simply no longer see them? Over 90% of those i have friended have nothing in their
    towns now. Many of these are the power players in the game.
    Can I simply no longer see those towns because I have not
    updated? I tried to post a question to Booyah and it simply
    erased it. There seems to be no way to reach this company. I
    have to wonder if so many people are losing all of their money
    and time invested in this game is there going to be a building
    outrage when no one can get access to booYah.

    I would love to hear from someone or anyone who is been successful in hearing from boo Ya
  15. manny.malon macrumors newbie

    Mar 7, 2012
    Towns are disappearing

    I have the same problems. Some quite developed towns with high-end businesses are all gone. I don't know exactly what happened. All my friends' towns are also gone. Only green pasture.

    This is a cool mobile game that Booyah is ruining with missing updates/deliveries dates. Who want to celebrate St. Patrick after the holiday already passed.

    Their buck/real money management is broken. They don't correlate neither reward any style of playing.

    I like the idea of storing items. You don't want to spend time and money buying items that later on you have to sell in order to place others. But at the same time I understand the infrastructure that Booyah would have to implement to make it work for everybody. Biggers servers for example.

    Entertainment Town, ID 32149047
  16. divinediva macrumors newbie

    Mar 22, 2012
    Playing My Town 2 on IPad

    I am playing My Town 2 on my iPad and in readingy the many comments, it seems that most are playing this game on their iPhones or iPods and I was wondering is there any differences as to what device you play this game on? And, does the helpful play tips apply to an iPad user who is playing this game?
  17. divinediva macrumors newbie

    Mar 22, 2012
    Booyah needs to take a look at the game called "Garden of Times". It's an awesome game and it's about building your town/city and you can social network and add friends to get to certain levels. The nice thing about it is you don't feel compelled to pay money in order to get to the next level. It's on Facebook - you play via your computer it's a great game; somewhat the same concept as in My Town 2, but they allow you to save the items you have purchased in the game. Of couse, all games give you the option to spend your own money, but its not the same struggle to advance to different levels as it is on this game. In this game, there is no play guide or tips so you have to search out forums and be patient or pay with your own "real money".:(
  18. bodivine macrumors newbie


    Apr 7, 2010
    Excellent Thread - Where is the Stock Exchange?

    I was so pleased to see this thread. I've been addicted to this game for a few weeks now. I wake up in the morning to collect money. Whatever the complaints, I simply love this game so much.

    I agree with almost everything said by the group. For one:
    1. The $$ is ridiculous
    2. The land space is so limited
    3. I have only got to level 40 odd and I am afraid to hit 50 and not earn any bucks.
    4. Getting bucks is a nightmare
    5. I hate those buildings with grocery all over it and fruits .. it is so covers everything else behind it.
    6. I am not sure how you even reach a population of millions, I am barely at 132,000 at level 40.:D

    Can anyone tell me how I can find that stock exchange building? I am clueless as how to find that. I know many of you have it in your cities.

    My BooyahID is 37808212
  19. Jasontnyc macrumors member

    May 13, 2012
    Gone - It was removed most likely because of the reasons above. Most people now use the mall for that purpose although it takes up more room and doesn't have the astronomical payoff (i've had to use 40 of them).

  20. Leidenk macrumors newbie

    May 18, 2012
    So my phone was broken for 1 month and when It was returned my Town was back to how I left it the only problem I had was the decrease in value of my jobs ! I will admit I was one of those people who had 15 circus tents boosting me 20% for all my businesses. But for a buisness level 8 I'm not even getting 4 grand for every 4
    Hours before the updates I was getting close to 40 grand every 12 ! Everything has decreased immensely I don't know if it's a problem with backing up my device or ?? My question is if anyone else has experienced this ?
  21. mhernden macrumors newbie

    May 23, 2012
    Contacted booyah support for the same reason. My office building revenue tanked after the last app update. Turns out they edited the stacking ability of any wonder.

    Personally... Without the ability to make large sums of coins (since making bucks is nearly impossible without spending money) the vast majority of the more fun/higher population items are simply out of reach without paying constant attention to this game.

    It's now too much work to play/enjoy this game. Really I don't see why booyah or other players cared if wonders stacked. It's not like I play this game to compete with other people... I was playing for the fun of building up my town.

    I pretty much gave up playing after the last patch. This game requires too much attention to progress and not enough reward to be worthwhile.
  22. Stefabug macrumors newbie

    Jun 7, 2012
    Completely Agree! With everything on this forum :)

    I emailed Booyah And they responded within 24 hours complaining and asking them for more options for buck making I will post it below!

    My Email:

    Dear Reader,

    I am saddened by the fact that I can only get one free buck a day from watching four videos. Previously I was able to download apps and earn them other ways. If I had the extra money to spend I would purchase bucks. I know I am not the only one but I don't have the money to spend. Unfortunately for me after experiencing the "shake to collect" benefits for two days I find myself shaking my IPad to collect coins and sadly discovering that I not only look silly shaking my iPad for no reason but all my coins still need to be clicked on. I can't afford to buy the wonder that gives me that benefit and saving up level to level or hoping I will "Spin to Win" and actually win something is becoming a not so fun challenge. I play your games to have fun and if there is a way to enjoy the benefits of people who do have money to spend without spending money I would gladly do them.

    Thank you for your time.

    - Stefani

    Their Response: Hi Stefani, Thanks for the thoughtful feedback. There are multiple ways in which you can get bucks. You will earn bucks for completing certain actions in the game (such as reaching a new level) or by successfully franchising higher level businesses. Still, I will give your feedback to our team, thanks for the support! Cheers!

    ... Hopefully if they get enough complaints or suggestions they will finally listen! If nothing happens soon I will definitely be emailing them again!
  23. Zfire macrumors newbie

    Jun 19, 2012
    Yes I agree almost all of it.The game does need more land and needs to be more cheaper for people to buy.They need all the large stuff to be smaller do to the small land. The free bucks are hard to get for people and prices to buy bucks with real hard on cash is dum.They need to wake up and do some of the we ask for, not to sleep all day.The game needs to have storng to keep your stuff, not buy it then sell it.
  24. bodivine macrumors newbie


    Apr 7, 2010
    Come Join

    I found "" by accident and I am so glad I did, if any of you are here looking for questions, answers and nice bunch of helpful people, come over and join

    ID 37808212
  25. New jersey baby, Jul 27, 2012
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    New jersey baby macrumors newbie

    Jul 27, 2012
    Can anybody franchise my business/bucks

    Hey can anybody pllz franchise my business I'll bee really happy if any body has the time to franchise my business and I really need those bucks thank you soo much who ever does franchise my business thnx My ID 44503776 Town name PPlz Francise me
    And my old town name use to be Nantucket island
    But thnx to all the people that alaredy franchised sum of my business like katiesDream and others and thnx to the people who r gnna franchise me

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