Complementary iCloud storage expiring September 30th?

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  1. zBernie macrumors newbie

    Aug 3, 2013
    My wife and own two iMacs, a Macbook Pro retina, two iPhones, three iPads, four Apple TV's, and to iPods. So after spending about $10,000 on hardware alone, and contributing to Apple being flush with cash to the iTune of ~ $150 billion, I received the email below saying my iCloud backup, documents in the Cloud, and iCloud mail will stop working if I don't upgrade, or delete my files? Essentially Apple is blackmailing me to pay for additional cloud storage?

    Since Apple has time and time again shown themselves to be greedy and petty, I intend to cancel my iTunes match subscription for $24.99 per year. I no longer need it since I've subscribed to Google Play, and have uploaded my entire iTunes library for FREE!. Up to 20,000 songs are allowed! And since I'm using a whopping 6 GB of storage for my iDevices cloud storage, I deleted my backup, and have no intention of paying Apple for more storage. I was also considering getting my 4 year old a 7" iPad, since he has a heavy re-purposed iPad 1, but instead I purchased a 7" Nook/Android tablet for him for $129. So, I saved myself about $200 right there! The bottom line is my complementary storage expires on September 30th, but my loyalty to Apple has already expired.

    Dear zBernie,

    As a thank you for being a former MobileMe member, you received a 20 GB complimentary storage upgrade when you moved to iCloud. Your upgrade expires on September 30, 2013. When it expires, your iCloud storage will be automatically adjusted to the free 5 GB plan. Note that you are currently using 6.19 GB of storage. If you exceed your storage plan on September 30, 2013, iCloud Backup, Documents in the Cloud, and iCloud Mail will temporarily stop working. To continue using these iCloud features without interruption, reduce the amount of iCloud storage you are using or purchase a storage plan by September 30, 2013.
    For more information, see this article.

    The iCloud Team
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