complete control over a pc with my sr mbp


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Jun 5, 2007
hey guys

i have used programs like logmein, but they all run through the internet and end up being outrageously slow. is there any way that i can control a pc (in the same room as me) with my mac? i'd like to utilize the 54mbps router and/or ethernet... basically something with little/no lag that i can use without grabbing a display and keyboard from the closet to play with my pc box.



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Oct 8, 2002
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You could use RealVNC on the Windows machine (you'll need to install the RealVNC server there) and use something like Chicken of the VNC as the viewer on your Mac.

If both monitors are visible to you you could use Synergy2. It gave me almost no lag between my Powerbook and Mac Pro. It works across different operating systems.