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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by kelv1ntran, Feb 10, 2009.

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    Jan 28, 2009
    hi i'm a noobie here and i was wondering is there a way to reformat (completely erase everything and install a fresh OSX?) i've had my macbook alu for about 3 weeks now and i've messed around with it alot (installed and uninstalled a lot of programs) i dont like the fact that i have a lot of traces on my hd. i tried to do a reformat this past weekend but after the install i still had traces of the old programs on it. i.e. i had stuffit on there and when i tried to install it with the fresh osx it said that there was an older version still on the computer. i was just wondering how or if its possible to get it back to the way it was like when i got it in the mail?

    on another note... i was also wondering about osx snow leopard and if it will cost money or will it be a free update? i'm guessin its a completly new os and that it won't just be an update but just curious.
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    Yes. Just select "erase and install" rather than "archive and install" in the Mac OS X installer.

    It will cost money.
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    OSX is not like windows, you can be sure that programs will only leave behind 1 or 2 files (if any at all) unlike Windows and the bloody registry.

    I use App Zapper to uninstall programs but that does leave 1 or 2 files behind that I have to dig out manually.
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    You really shouldn't need to do it after 3 weeks. However, you can select 'erase + Install' from the menu. Make sure you have everything backed up.

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