Complete MobileMe syncing with Windows Phone 7 possible?

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    Long story short, my company has assigned me to develop WP7 apps, and they are replacing my iPhone with a Samsung Focus soon. I purchased a MobileMe subscription and wonders if I can sync it with my new phone.

    I search and find the IMAP settings for the email, but is there anyway to sync the calendar as well since I use it a lot?

    Any comment is appreciated. Thanks
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    Sep 29, 2007
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    On WP7, there's no push support for IMAP accounts.

    AFAICT, WP7 does not support IMAP IDLE, which is the "push" version of IMAP. (Neither does the iPhone, FWIW.) IIRC, on the iPhone, MobileMe push is accomplished via Apple's Notifications system, which triggers a "pull" any time a new MobileMe mail comes in. (Since MobileMe mail is hosted on Apple's servers, Apple, of course, "knows" when you have new mail and can trigger the iPhone to fetch it.)

    On WP7, push is implemented via EAS (Exchange Activesync) which is supported by Live/Hotmail, Gmail, and, of course, Exchange. MobileMe doesn't support EAS, ergo there's no MobileMe push support in WP7. IMAP IDLE, from the various third-party solutions I've tried on phones over the years, is murder on a phone's battery, so I suspect that's why most if not all phones eschew it for other push methods.
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    Forward all the mail to Gmail. Use Gmail to get your mail. I've been doing this setup (in reverse) for years, and it's so seamless I forget it's even there. It even caused some problems when had some DNS problems. The setup work so flawlessly, I broke things horribly because I forgot how it was set up.

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