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Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Donald., Nov 28, 2012.

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    Hey there,
    I own a MacBook Pro 13" and lately I've noticed that my computer tends to not only freeze every now and then but certain programs end up crashing and are unable to open afterwards. Archiver rarely works now and I'm forced to use third-party apps. Itunes crashed and had to create a new library. Most programs crash every now and then. 75% I want to turn off my computer or restart it, the computer hangs in the process and never completes which forces me to forcibly shut it down. I believe that all of this is due to corrupted files due to some lack of care in my part (force shutdown often, leaving the computer to completely run out of battery several times, etc.)

    I don't know what exactly is causing it, but I'd like a fresh start. I started college this year and as time passes by I have more and more files that I do NOT want to lose. I am afraid that one day the entire OS will crash and I will need to reinstall everything so I want to do it now when I dont need to restore too many things. (I do have backups, but why risk loosing the latests versions? I don't want to be taking backups every couple of hours). I want things to go straight and hopefully this can also speed up the computer. Booting up is taking more than twice what is used to a couple of months ago.

    How exactly can I do in order to completely remove the current installation of my OS and override it with a clean fresh-start OS? I currently have Mountain Lion so I'm not sure how to tackle it without an installation CD.

    Any advice is highly appreciated.

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    Did you ever try to log into a different user account, if no then try it, if there is no other User Account create one and see if the problems persist, if so then yes reinstall the OS, you can do this by getting into recovery mode(holding option when start up) and reinstall the OS.
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