Completely broken itouch 4g`

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    Ok, so i bought the iPod Touch 4g, 32 GB, and i jailbroke it with greenp0ison, (Firmware 4.2.1). After a couple of weeks, i connected it to my computer and a message came up that said "the device has malfunctioned", but then i tried restoring the ipod from the general section but when it finished the greenp0ison icon still showed up and then i sent it to apple for repair but they said the wires inside were broken and that it was jailbroken (the skull iconn appears on boot). is there a way i can ssh and remove EVERYTHING to at least make the jailbreak untracable? ( it doesnt boot :(
    I HAVE DONE EVERYTHING KNOWN TO RESTORE HISTORY!!!! (im a pro at it, but it was a 100% idiot move)

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    You're probably SOL. Your iPod uses flash memory, no hard drive. You could check eBay or for a replacement motherboard and replace the mobo. So if you tried to swap motherboards and sent it in, the Apple techs would get a different serial number than what you had. They'd shut you down. Definitely, no help if that happened. If you swapped the motherboard, it would likely fix your problem. Sorry for the bad luck.
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    ummm thanks a lot for helping but are you sure its the motherboard? cuz when i called apple they said that it was the 30 pin dock that was messed up. how much would you expect a motherboard to cost???

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