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    Hello all,
    Got my first mac a couple months back. I work at a company that uses Outlook. I use a Vista PC at work and am currently using GoToMyPc as the only way to access my email out of work. I use an iPhone and an taking heat from everyone at work that uses a Crackberry and has the ability to access their email anywhere.
    I'm tired of it. I tried to research the MobileMe situation and am currently still in the dark about how it works, why people say it sucks, etc. Is it a push system or is it all synced up with each other? I keep hearing people talking about having to send emails through their MM email account. I Just want to use my outlook account...
    If someone can sit down and give me a couple minutes of their time to explain how it works and all the such, i would really appreciate. I am sure this has been asked PLENTY of times, just don't even know where to begin the search. Even a link to another page that has this explained would be greatly appreciated.
    Vista PC at work, macbook at home, iPhone on the go. Get me going!!
    Thank you to anyone who is willing to take the time to explain it all.
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    So first of all... are you implying that you'd like to receive your company email on your iPhone?

    If so, you can already. I take it your company uses Microsoft Exchange for al their email? Just add your work account in settings and it'll be all jolly.

    On the iPhone end its Push, on the desktop end its fetch, but yes everything is synced up between all clients.

    No clue why people say that, but in your case if you just want your work with your work email MobileMe wouldn't help you in any way.

    If all you want is your work email to work on everywhere, then it'll already work on your iPhone, obviously it works at work, so you just need to get it to work on your MacBook...

    Best thing you could do is use Microsoft Entourage to receive your company email on your MacBook (thats implying that your company uses Exchange). I'm personally not a fan of Entourage at all, but it "works" - and as much as I'd prefer Apple's, I don't think theres any good way of making it work with Exchange atm. However if not mistaken Exchange support will be added to it in Snow Leopard.

    Hope that answered your questions and Let me know if you have any others.

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