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    Jul 20, 2008
    Hello all,
    I have two Gmail accounts. One account is a nickname that is for personal use, and the other account uses my full name and is strictly for professional use. Currently, I have the accounts set up so that the professional account is forwarded to my personal account so that I only have to check just 1 mailbox. I have a filter/flag setup to flag the emails sent to my professional account so it is clear to whom the email was sent to. When I reply, it is set up to reply from the address it is sent to. This solution is very easy and works quite well

    On the iPhone, if I set up just the personal account, I can receive both types of email, but it will only respond from the personal account. If I set up both accounts, I will receive both accounts to the personal box, and I can reply from both accounts, but I have to select the account. I have to check to whom the email was sent to because it is not clearly flagged. There just does not seem to be an elegant way to set this up on the iphone.

    Any suggestions on how to change either my iphone or account settings to make this easy on the desktop as well as the iphone???

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    Dec 27, 2007
    might work?

    maybe just try checking through Safari? Not great to be sure, but I think this would keep things working the way you need.

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