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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by hohohong, Apr 30, 2009.

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    I just bought a MBP (not from Apple store) and warranty expires Apr 2010,.... but when I checked online, it states:

    Your product is not eligible for complimentary phone support.

    But my other MBP (bought from Apple) has warranty that expires Mar 2010 and complimentary phone support that also expires Mar 2010.

    So do you only get complimentary phone support when buying from apple?

    Does "not eligible for complimentary phone support" mean I can't call in to troubleshoot with applecare even if I just bought it?
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    If you bought it from an authorized reseller, you should be eligible for one year initial warranty and 90 days telephone support. Call applecare with your receipt in hand.

    If you bought it used, and it's the original purchaser bought it less than 90 days ago, you still should qualify, just have a copy of his or her original receipt and a bill of sale from them to you in hand when you call.

    Or, buy extended applecare for the machine, and you'll get a warranty and phone support for three years from the machine's initial purchase.
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    Your one year hardware support and 90 days of phone support begins from when the machine was first purchase (not necessarily when you purchased it) and applies to AppleCare as well - the 3 years will end of the machine's original purchase date.

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