component libraries, an easier way to build iphone data driven webapplications

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    Jun 29, 2007
    With all the talk of the sdk seems like the webapplications are getting lost.

    We started building our project using Joe Hewitt's IUI, but that involves a lot of work. We may of found a better way using more traditional web techniques.

    Icefaces is a component library commonly used in the non iphone webapp world to build ajax components. Icefaces is open source.

    our project is using the icefaces library to encapsulate all of the functionality to build iphone web applications in 2 custom components. Drop them on a web page, add some database code and run under a suitable app server, such as tomcat. And you have a quick very efficient iphone web app.

    main site:
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    Jun 6, 2008
    ICEfaces Mobile Demos

    As a web application solution, we believe that the ICEfaces architecture is well-suited to mobile devices with exceptional web-browsing capabilities like the iPhone. We have some information (case study and movie demos) showing how ICEfaces can be and is used on the iPhone. If you're interested, you can visit our site at:

    Deryk Sinotte
    Team Lead
    ICEsoft Technologies, Inc.
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    yes I know that already

    Yes I am well aware of that , I am also a contributing member, and the company I work for is a major user of icefaces.

    But I am also aware of its limitations, And although you can build reasonable approximations of simple iphone ui using standard icefaces components like panelseries and datatables, anything really advanced takes time. It is still simpler to build interfaces in standard javascript. Icefaces greatest asset, and I would use it over any ajax library available and have recommended it all over the place is its api. before icefaces I was a heavy dwr user and was experimenting with gwt, since starting to work with the api I still use gwt, barely use dwr .


    The one problem I see with icefaces or any other java/jsf platforms on the moble platform, is that PHP is still the dominate environment. One issue is that most hosting companies charge a big premium for jsp servlets, and single tomcat instances even more. After adding up all the cost we found it was cheaper just to obtain a DSL account that allowed hosting of servers. Not everyone can do that, and most cable services which dominate the market don't even offer such options. (yes, people do it, but people also get canceled when they are caught).


    If you are going to do java icefaces is the best route to go. You really need more tutorials on writing components.

    We have decided to start working on one, its still in its early stages but its a code walkthrough of one of the components we are developing.


    It is not good etiquette to join a forum just to promote your product.

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