Composite images?


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Feb 15, 2006
Nr London, UK
I am currently doing a part-time humanities degree and as part of my course I need to produce a piece of artwork. I am thinking about an image where you have, say, a face but the face is actually made up of thousands of smaller images which are coloured to make the larger image (if that makes sense). It may sound cliched but I think it will work in my context.

My questions are: What is this process / effect actually called and how do you go about it? Is it done within photoshop or is there a specialised program for that effect? Is it easy to do with the right program or is it actually a specialist job?

Any views most welcome...


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Mar 24, 2005
this MacOSaiX is really a nice piece of software, and it's free!
it may take a while (at least it does on my pbook) but the result is good, especially if you use a lot of pictures.
I'm creating one mosaic right now that consists of 100*100 photo's and i let the program use all my photo's which is like 15 GB and it's starting to look great! I'll post the result when it's finished.