Compressed air to spray the CPU etc?

Nov 28, 2010
Since the CPU is on the top of the logic board, you will not get access to the CPU without removing the logic board first, which involves several screws and disconnecting several connectors. And as far as cleaning CPUs from dust, it doesn't get you far, as the dust is collected more inside the fans and other small areas.
Just clean the fans, maybe even unscrew them to get better access to the vents, but removing the logic board is not necessary, unless you want to replace the cooling paste.

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Jun 25, 2012
Make sure you spray the can on a paper towel for a few seconds before use, and that you keep it upright when spraying.

Hold the fans in place when spraying, you do not want to be spinning them with the spray. (could potentially damage the bearings)


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Jul 10, 2012
Presumably you're worried about the heat the laptop generates? Cleaning the fans may be a good idea, if you work in a very dusty environment, dog hair everywhere, etc.

If you don't, then cleaning the fans is a waste of time in a laptop. Laptops don't spend their time down of the floor where all the dust and pet hair hangs out. Towers need regular cleaning, laptops don't.

You're better off working on cooling ideas. Namely elevating the rear of the laptop, getting a very quiet desk fan to blow air across the laptop (including cooling yourself) and a cooling pad (one with fans that blow air AT the bottom of the laptop, which is hard to find because most coolers suck air away from the laptop and that's pretty useless cooling wise.)

Have you got smcFanControl? It gives you the temp and allows you to control the fan speed...