iPod CompUSA warranty madness...


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Nov 29, 2004
CompUSA has a wonderful iPod warranty and I highly recommend that if you are going to buy a iPod, buy it there and take advantage of the warranty. If anything goes wrong with your iPod making it unusable they will replace it with a brand new one with little hassle.

Anyway in the past when I've had an iPod that has kicked the bucket but also been discontinued by Apple they would upgrade me to a new model of similar value. For example when I had a 3g 30gb iPod, they replaced it with a brand new 3g 40gb! Just because they no longer had stock of the 30. This warranty has always given me a sense of security... until lately.

I currently own a 4g 40gb clickwheel iPod (I bought it, didn't get it from a warranty upgrade). What if theoretically, say in a month, it kicked the bucket? My guess is that CompUSA would by that time no longer have any 40gb clickwheels in stock. What would they replace it with? I would find it unacceptable if they downgraded me to a 20gb, since all my music wouldn't even fit on that. I would also not like to get it replaced by an iPod+HP because I appreciate having apple support & no HP logo etched on the back (call me old fashioned). The only viable option would appear to be that they would give me a 60gb iPod photo, to keep from downgrading me in storage (if I insisted on getting a real Apple product; and yes I know the iPod+hp is technically an apple product). But would they really do that? I mean the iPod photo is sort of a different line of iPod isn't it? :confused:

but then, when I bought my 40gb it was top of the line and cost $499 (I think)... so that would be the equal exchange yeah? no? bleh.


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Jan 28, 2004
Since I used to work there I think that I can tell you what may happen. YOu might get lucky and they give you the 60 GB iPod Photo, but I kind of doubt it. You will most likely get the HP version as it is the closest thing to what you had. Then you are free to return that iPod and use the in-store credit to get whatever you want. You just have to pay the extra. Not 100% on that, but that would be my guess.

Although, I believe that they no longer offer their warranty on the iPod. I think Apple requires them to sell the AppleCare. At least that was what we had to do when I left.


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May 24, 2004

funny, I was wondering the same thing. I got mine from Best Buy and am in a similar situation. Best Buy doesn't sell the hp pod though. I'd wait until the hps are gone and then work on "breaking" your pod to get a new one.
Best Buy made the mistake of selling me a 4 year warranty and I'm going to milk that one until the last day!
Isn't it fun messing with corporate america?
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