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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by keco4463, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Nov 15, 2011
    I am here to pick all of your brains.
    Background: I have a 3 month old 15" MacBook Pro. All parts are direct from Apple (I upgraded to their 8GB ram and SSD).
    It's ran like a charm until a week or so ago.

    Then, it started hiccuping. I've had issues with my Apple laptops in the past, and I always notice that before something goes horribly wrong, I notice the same random slow-ness (and the last thing I would ever do is consider this thing slow!). This time, like some of the other times, one of the first things I noticed was a drastically reduced performance/framerate in some games that I play (sporadically).

    It would also render things slowly in Photoshop.

    Then, it had some trouble going to sleep (I would close the screen, and it would not go to sleep). And when I would go to open it to try it again, it would be frozen.

    Then, I started to have issues where I couldn't click anything. The cursor would move, but I couldn't click on anything (such as icons in the dock) or change windows. This happened several times.

    Then, I closed my computer and the fan made an awful noise and stopped working. I am not sure, but that seems more coincidental than anything. I brought it to the Genius Bar and they cleaned out the dust and pretty much ignored my other complaints about the freezing. Fine, whatever, it was tolerable at first. I monitored the temperatures, so I am pretty sure it didn't overheat when the fan wasn't working properly.

    But today, it's frozen about 4 times just this evening. The screen will freeze, but the sound output will not (I was listening to music while this was happening). I will try to wiggle the cursor, force quiet, etc, and nothing will happen. But then ~10s later, the cursor will jump to about where I had left it, and freeze again.

    I would restart, and the same thing would happen.

    It's also having serious trouble connecting to wireless. It's taking it about 3 minutes to connect upon waking, compared to the normal 10s.

    This is quite the inconvenient time for all this to be happening, since I can't be without my computer in school, and the Genius Bar guy didn't seem to care about anything that wasn't showing obvious symptoms at the moment that I brought it in.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks (and sorry for the rant!)

    FWIW, it seems to be okay right now. >.>
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    Jul 28, 2011
    Call Apple and let em know you're still having problems after the first genius visit and you just need your computer working for work/school/important stuff.

    This way, it's logged in the system, they know this is a return visit and hopefully try to give you more service this time.

    May help if you can video some of the weirdness and show them. If its intermittent problem, it's going to be difficult to convince them otherwise.

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