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    Mar 7, 2011
    Hi All!

    My previous laptops screen has cracked and I have purchased a new laptop. How can I transfer everything that is in my iTunes to my new computer so that I can sync my iPhone4 with my new laptop from now on. I am still able to use my old laptop but it has a big crack in the screen and the image is a bit distorted so all my data on that computer isn't lost or anything.

    Or perhaps direct me to a thread that already outlines this process in detail??
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    Jan 2, 2011
    One way is to copy the entire media folder on to and external.

    Another way is to connect both laptops to the same network and turn on home sharing in iTunes, on both machines. Home sharing will let you import directly from one machine to the other. If you have any photos in your camera roll, on your iDevice, you will have to download those to the new laptop or you will lose them. I transferred my wife iTunes media this morning using home sharing and it is very easy to do.

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