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    Philadelphia, PA
    I think it would be cool to list every computer you own or have ever owned, be it a Windows computer or a Mac. If possible, please post pictures, because there is nothing more surreal/cool looking than a room full of different computers. I'll start, but unfortunately I have no pictures.
    I think my parents had an Apple II at one point, the monitor was used as a television screen for as long as I can remember until my parents got a new TV. It was thrown out (the screen) when we moved about three years ago. Mind you, I'm not sure if they had the whole computer, or just got the screen from a friend.
    Next, bought in 1994, my house's main computer was a Macintosh Performa 6112CD, costing a whopping $2200 dollars (but apparently a bargain; it was just marked down from $2600!). When I got interested in computers, especially Macs, I looked at that computer's specs and read some of the manuals. It still makes me laugh how much technology cost in those days, even for so little.
    Sometime at this point, my mom got a free white iBook G3 for school work; loaded with OS 9 with OS X 10.0 uninstalled on a partition (I later installed it for fun), running with a whopping 500Mhz and a 7 (maybe 10) gig hard drive, 128 mg of ram (could be 64, I forget) and with a wireless card I can't seem to make work, it was never used except on trips to NH for Cro-Mag rally (original), Bugdom (original), and Nanosour (original).
    Then, in 2003, as the Performa's 9-and-a-half's birthday was just around the corner, my Dad bought a Dell Desktop, which my brother, sister, and I had begged him for (dial up blows, and we wanted the ability to game on it). It was bought with a 16" (I think) CRT flat-screen. Damn, but that thing is heavy! We have a gigantic rat's nest of cables down there, it's quite lucky we almost never need to fish out cords down there.
    Then two years ago, my sister was about to start college and my Dad got her a Compaq laptop (Macs not on either one of their minds). I was so envious; when she went to college, she would have high-speed! It wasn't until the next summer my parents got cable, which is when my parents got me and my twin brother laptops.
    Originally, we were going to share one, but when my Grandma died, my parents bought me a new Toshiba and got my brother a 5-year-old Dell Inspiron 5100 from a friend for $125. Then my laptop died (broken fan) and I got a new HP. When my uncle died in February, my parents took his Dell Inspiron E1705. Now, a year after my first computer, I will be getting an iMac; base aluminum model, will up it to 2 gigs of ram.
    In short: Mac Performa 6112CD, white iBook G3, Dell desktop, Compaq laptop, Dell Inspiron 5100, Toshiba Satellite, HP Pavilion dv6449, Dell Inspiron E1705, and hopefully an iMac soon.
    If I get a camera, I will definitely post pictures, except for the Compaq and the Toshiba (as I no longer have them).
    PS: speaking of the iBook's games, the Performa never made it past OS 7.6, and came preinstalled with Power Pete (anyone remember this old relic? Pangea re-made it under the name Mighty Mike). I hope you don't all hate me for post so many words in the Picture Forum, I'm counting on you all with cameras to make up for me.
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    My parents in '92 used a DOS comp. :) I dont know the specs.. In 1996 we got given a top of the line win 95 comp, then in 2001 we got a brand new windows me computer, something like 400MHz. very fast for its time, then in 2004 we got a dell inspiron which was about 1.2GHz, i think, then i started really getting in computers, i got a laptop acer aspire, reasonably fast, then i got a gateway x2 64 (still got) with 3gbs ram and 3.06GHz, now I have a 2.8GHz 8-core Mac Pro, and a MacBook 2.1GHz, both base spec until i upgrade em all.

    :apple: switcher as of last week. one helluva first mac
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    May 16, 2008
    I would, but they didn't make cameras way back then! Even if they did, it would have to be a wide-angle lens! :D
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    My family's had a ton, but I can't really remember them all. So I'll go with what I've had.

    My first computer was a Sony Vaio PCG-FXA59 (AMD Athlon 1.3 GHz, 256MB RAM, 30GB HDD), which I got for my 14th birthday. My second computer, two years later, was one that I built (Intel 64 bit P4 3.0 GHz o/ced to 3.5 GHz, 1GB Corsair XMS Ram, 74GB WD Raptor HDD, eVGA 7800 GT). I believe it was the next year that I built a "server," (AMD 3000+, 512 MB RAM, 4x320GB HDDs). The next summer, I bought a Macbook :D.

    A year after I bought my first Macbook (last summer), lightning hit my house and destroyed all of the above. Luckily though, the hard drives didn't get fried. Oh, and yes, everything was on a surge protector (so don't nag me about it); not even God can protect electronics from a direct lightning hit. Insurance replaced most of what I had, money wise at least; I decided to just replace the Macbook, and to save the rest. This past January, I bought one of the "Early 2008" Mac Pro models, and upgraded it with 8GB more RAM.

    I also have countless "crap" computers that I use for random projects, like clustering.


    Includes: Sony Vaio PCG-FXA59, first Macbook, custom desktop, and custom server (hidden behind the Wacom tablet).

    Includes: custom desktop and custom server (blue ring)

    Includes: current Macbook and Mac Pro

    Includes: my rocks cluster
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    Feb 15, 2008
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    Philadelphia, PA
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    quoted for awesomeness

    how many of them actually power up?
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    I'll take pictures of them later.... some I think I won't be able to find. Not to mention we are going to get rid of them.

    1. First computer we had only had MS-DOS on it... this thing is ANCIENT!!!
    2. IBM.... something. Think it like 133MHz CPU, can't remember anything else.
    3. Can't remember brand name but like 200MHz CPU or something, 2GB HDD... Ram was like 16MB.
    4. Dell. P4, 250GB HDD, 1GB ram etc.
    5. My custom built PC. 1.80GHz Intel C2D, 2GB RAm, 320GB HDD, 250GB HDD, 512MB ATI X1650 Pro etc.
    6. My MacBook, low end stock.
    7. Mac mini, will be getting one when they update them.
    8. Family Mac mini. Told my Dad about them and he's thinking of getting one as well.. he really is starting to hate getting all of those viruses.

    Pictures will be up soon.
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    Mar 24, 2008
    1: Macintosh 512k (still have (in closet))
    2: Pc P1 2x 3gb hd uhm dont know the processer windows 95 upgraded to 98... (trashed it years ago)
    3:p4 1.3 or .5 ghz and it has 512mb of ram and it sucks with xp. i dont use it cause i hate it. (Still in my house)
    4: My brother got an imac g5 i used it for a while when i could.
    5: I bought my first mac iMac g3 and upgraded the crap out of it. (Gave away)
    6: When the macbooks first came out i bought a rev b. (Use)
    7: 80gb ps3 I consider it a computer since i put linux on it.
    8: eMac g4 as my main or desktop. (Use)

    Pictures soon
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    Jun 25, 2008
    United States
    My first was a Compaq Presario that fried itself after 4-5 years.

    My second and still running computer, I've had it for the past 7 years. It's a pre-built system from Sony, 1.7GHz Celeron, 256MB of RAM, 40gb HD, and best of all a 17" CRT monitor. :p I'm amazed at how this system can still perform today. No problems, yes it crashes but thats only when I run too many applications at the same time. Reliability wise its been rock solid! Absolutely no hardware issues at all in its lifetime. But I'm not a heavy user, I rarely play any PC games at all, and I usually run anti-virus software, spyware software whenever I get the chance. I think the key with PC's is making sure you format it every year or two, that way there pretty optimized speed wise.

    I'm ready to purchase a MacBook, but trying to hold out for an update.
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    Aug 10, 2006
    1) Over 10 years ago I had an Acer Aspire desktop, it was purple with matching CRT. It was nothing but trouble but looked good and I was able to sell it.
    2) Built a PC, don't remember the specs but it had a 20BG HD and I thought that was huge at the time.
    3) HP, ended up giving it to my brother. Don't remember anything about it.
    4) Around 5 years ago I got a Gateway Profile 5 (still have it)
    5) iMac G5 (PPC before the camera and intel) that I gave to my girlfriends teenage daughter only this month.
    5) MacPro 2.6/8GB Ram/4TB HD
    6) Blackbook 2.2/4GB Ram/250 HD

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    Oct 16, 2006
    My collection of Macs, from top to bottom: Penryn MacBook (got it a few months ago, thats my current Mac), in the middle I have my old 900MHz iBook G3, and right at the bottom is a superold PowerMac which I got for £4 from a car boot sale without any cables or anything (not even sure if it works!).

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    Feb 27, 2004
    Seriously seriously impressive! I won't go as far as wow because I don't think any of my female friends would want to go near me after seeing all that in my house.

    I'm afraid I'm a closet geek, not ready to openly admit it yet... :)
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    Oct 16, 2006
    I hope for every wall in my room to look like that one day! :)
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    May 30, 2008
    I am truly impressed. This is a magnificent work of art.

    This is certainly more interesting than any stamp collection!
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    Jun 2, 2003

    some of my stuff, not everything is here. I have about the same again waiting to be photographed! :D

    The Updated Pics section has a few more item though!
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    Mar 18, 2008
    My first ever computer, a Advent 7081.
    what a piece of crap.

    The I came into the Mac world when my dad bough an iBook and now I have my iMac.
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    Aug 10, 2006
    You have a very nice Newton collection. I wouldn't mind starting one of them also but all my spare change goes to DVDs/Blu-ray and CDs. I'm already controlling myself from buying multi ebook readers. Keep telling myself my Kindle and iphone are enough.
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    Jul 22, 2008
    Nothin' Special

    Here is my First Computer for myself, and I am still using it.
    It was actually FREE! My Dad's Friend gave it to me after Christmas.
    I am using it right now!!


    HP Pavilion ze1115

    1.1Ghz AMD Duron,
    512 MB of RAM,
    20GB HDD,
    14.1" Screen,

    And I guess that is it.

    Here it is:


    Wacom Bamboo Tablet
    Memorex Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
    A Lamp from Target

    Our Family Computer


    Compaq Evo D310v

    2.4Ghz Intel Pentium 4
    256MB of RAM
    160GB HDD
    Gateway 22" Widescreen

    Here it is:


    30GB iPod Classic 5.5G
    4GB iPod Nano ?G
    My HP iPaq Multi-Media Companion
    Netgear Wireless Router

    That is it!!
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    Sep 13, 2005
    Atlanta, GA
    My first computer, I believe, looked like this:

    Compaq Presario 4508

    Then I "upgraded" to a newer Compaq with Windows ME on it (WOOHOO!) and then upgraded it to XP (WOOHOO!)


    It was totally awesome because you could switch the faceplate covers on the CPU and the speakers! Totally rad! I changed the colors all the time to match my shoes. /sarcasm

    Then I got rid of that piece of crap and got a(n) (even crappier) Vaio laptop. I was actually going to buy a PowerBook at the time (Titanium days) but a family emergency came up and the money had to be relocated to take care of that. This laptop was atrocious, it wont even start up anymore. Just shows the XP bootup screen loading over and over. Stuck in infinite purgatory.


    Then finally came the day when the Mac came into my life. A beautiful 15" PowerBook G4 (RIP :() I loved and took care of this laptop for 3 years like it was my child. Cleaned it regularly, made sure it wore it's sweater in the cold, the whole nine yards. Then came April 15th, and she was gone. Here's the last picture I ever took of her (well not the last, because I had a shot of my girlfriend using it on our vacation-but the camera was stolen as well so...)

    When the first intel iMac came out, I ordered a fully spec-ed 20" that had a crappy power supply and would only start up every once in a while when it felt like it. Got it replaced and it was the most reliable Mac I'd had since the PB. It's now being used by my sister who replaced her Vaio desktop with it when I bought a 24" Alum.
    The aluminum..well lets just say I wasnt too happy with it so when I got the insurance check, I jumped on the opportunity to upgrade. It was meant for the office but it has a whacky Airport card issue where I have to constantly turn off Airport and then turn it back on to get internet back. So now it's hooked up through ethernet to an Airport Express for life support. It also became unresponsive a lot, but since I've relegated it from daily duty I've deleted a lot of data off of it and it became much snappier. It wasn't full spec: 2.4GHz, 4GB, 320GB. 320GB is NOT enough these days for a desktop. Too much music, too many photos.
    Alum setup with my poor, gone PB.

    Then came the motherload. The beast in my sig.
    This one will be in my family forever, I can tell you that. It's the speediest, most reliable Mac I've had since Whitey (my first iMac). Now all that's left is to add the portability back into my life. I could never imagine how much I'd miss my PB. I never meant to sell her, was never going to trade her, she was going to be with me forever. She got me into Macs, and she was the greatest laptop I'd ever had. I wanted to keep her until a redesigned MacBook Pro was introduced and then put her in the retirement home. Unfortunately she'll never see the day and I dont even want to think about what condition she's in now. :mad:

    Sorry for the ridiculously long post. I wont post pictures for these but my sister has a 20lb Dell Inspiron 6000 that she has the luxury of hauling around a college campus. The only thing good about it is the high-res 15" 1920x1200 display on it, which I convinced her to upgrade to. And lastly, my father just bought a Dell combo from Best Buy for a grand. Runs Vista splendidly (WOOHOO!)...I was hoping the complaining and phone calls for help would end...but it's only gotten worse. Thanks MS.
  23. MacHappytjg macrumors 65816

    Mar 24, 2008
    i listed my computers above ill post some pics only of my own personal macs

    iMac G3 (gave away)
    eMac G4 (primary)
    Macbook Core duo (secondary)


    eMac g4 dual screens but im playing ps3 atm

    Macbook beside eMac before Dual monitors.

    Last pic of my iMac g3 before i gave it away :( but it had to go perfect working condition too.
  24. Hrududu macrumors 68020


    Jul 25, 2008
    Central US
    I'll just list em for now:

    MacBook Pro 2.16GHz, 3gb
    Powermac G5 1.6GHz 1.25Gb
    PowerBook G4 867MHz 1Gb
    B&W G3 500MHz ovrclk from 450, 1Gb
    iMac G3 400MHz 128Mb
    B&W G3 350MHz ovrclk from 300, 512mb
    Powermac G3 Desktop 350MHz overclk from 333MHz, 320Mb
    iBook G3 366, 320Mb with hacked glowing logo
    Powermac 7600 upgrd to G3 333
    Powerbook G3 233 Wallstreet 256mb
    Performa 6400/180
    Powermac 7500/120
    Powermac 7100/80
    Performa 6115/66
    Quadra 800
    LC III x 2
    LC 520
    Performa 400
    LC II x 3
    Classic II
    Macintosh Classic
    SE x 2

    My "Other Apple Products":

    Apple Studio Display 17" LCD
    iPod 15Gb 3rd Gen
    iPod Nano 2Gb
    iPod 20Gb 4th Gen *LOST*
    Newton Messagepad 100
    bunch o' printers Lsr Writer 360, Image Wrtr II, Style Writer
    Several other Monitors including 17" AppleVision and Colorsync displays.

    Family Macs:

    iMac G3 600, 384mb
    iMac Core Duo 1.83GHz
    iMac G5 1.8GHz 17" SprDrve
    iMac 17" 1GHz 768Mb SprDrve
    eMac 1GHz 512Mb SprDrve

    Macs no longer with me:
    Mac Mini 1.25GHz 512Mb (Sold!)
    iMac G3 400MHz, (Fried itself beyond repair)
    Powerbook 145b (sold and returned, I believe its gone for good now)
    Macintosh 512k, (My first Macintosh. A friend now has it.)

    Maybe if I can figure out some way to photograph most of them I'll post a picture. :D
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    Feb 15, 2008
    Haha thanks, I have a few more pictures (of other parts of the room) if anyone wants to see them just let me know.

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