Computer crashes everytime I try to Import photos

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by oposky2006, Mar 1, 2010.

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    Before I didn't have this problem, before I was able to simply go directly into my iphone when I hooked it up to my computer and simply take the pictures out, but now for some reason, everytime I try to just drag a photo out or import photos using the windows import utility, my computer crashes everytime with the BSOD, saying either "APC_INDEX_MISMATCH" or x....24, x.....01, Those are the errors I've received, and they all seem related to driver errors.

    I assumed it was the Iphone driver that was messing up, so I reinstalled itunes and all its components, reinstalled the driver, but My computer still crashes. Fortunately this does not happen when I try to sync my iphone through Itunes, It used to before but it now just randomly stopped. Thanks for the help in advance.
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    Assuming you have a PC, go to an earlier restore point when you didn't have the problem.

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